Is Kanye West Getting Kold Feet When It Komes To Kim Kardashian? Plus, Rob Kardashian Sued And Nanny Memoir Tweaked!

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It's not a great day to be a Kardashian…although I guess that begs the question, "Is it ever?"  Now that Kim Kardashian is divorced from Kris Humphries, many thought it would be a matter of minutes before tiny rapper Kanye West put a ring on it.  However, now there are whisperings that they won't be announcing their engagement any time soon. #poutyface 

If you think things are stinky for Kim these days, try being Rob!  Not only is does the world know he's genitally challenged with a tanking sock business, but now he's getting sued by the paparazzo he allegedly assaulted a while back who snapped pics of him changing into gym clothes in a parking garage.  Bless his heart.

Thankfully, the family's former nanny is penning a memoir that sounds incredibly fake and boring paints the family in a much better light.  I wonder how much they are paying for her to do that?


In Touch is reporting that jeweler Lorraine Schwartz (the designer behind Kim's massive 20.5 engagement ring "from" Kris) knows of no plans for a new rock.  She tells the site, “I have no idea [what it will look like].  I haven’t done it yet.”

And she may not get the chance if family sources are correct.  Kanye is currently living in Paris and the couple has only spent 29 days together since announcing Kim's pregnancy in December.  An insider reveals, “[Kim]’s finally free to marry him now that her divorce to Kris [Humphries] is final, but he has absolutely no intention of walking down the aisle with her. He only wants the baby."  Ouch.

While Kim's krying in her ranch dipped karrots, Rob is facing a lawsuit according to E!.  The camera woman who had the unfortunate job of photographing a shirtless Rob is suing his for assault and battery.  Her suit alleges that Rob "intentionally, willfully, wantonly and maliciously ran [after her in the] public parking lot of a local gym."

The filing further claims she was "struck in the face and suffered severe contusions on her arm and chest, as well as damage to her property" due to Rob's "violent use of force."​ 

Citing Rob's size advantage over the woman, the suit goes on to detail how Rob "removed the camera's memory card, threw the camera back at Plaintiff and left with Plaintiff's memory card stating, 'I'll pay you when I see you.'"​

The paparazzo claims that the memory card contained a significant amount of photos (over a thousand) of other celebrities which if sold could total over $30,000.  Not surprisingly, she is suing for damages, and the District Attorney is investigating to see if Rob should be charged with a crime.  

At least the family stands to get some positive publicity from a former nanny who didn't have to sign a confidentiality agreement when she started her job.  The Huffington Post has the details on Pam Behan's memoir Malibu Nanny: The Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny.  Snooze.

Pam admits, "People told me for years that I should write a book, and I decided I was going to do it by taking the high road — no bashing, no tell-all, nothing negative."  Yawn.  

She even reveals that she fired her former publicist for leaking a picture of fourteen-year-old Kim and T.J. Jackson, the boy who is rumored to have taken her v-card.  Pam explains,"Kim didn't announce to the world who she had sex with, but then came this picture that came from Pam. I did not want it out there. [My publicist] put it out there — hence former publicist.  I had nothing to do with any of that.  I've never betrayed the family in any kind of way." 

In fact, when a portion of the book was released on-line, Kris Jenner didn't like that she was portrayed as a swearing, broccoli obsessed fanatic, so Pam toned down the story for print.  She says, "Kris wasn't crazy about that story, but I said to her, 'Kris, I can't make everything just flowery like there was nothing ever a problem in five years. And that is your personality.'" 

Sharing that the children whom she watched for five years were spoiled but never bratty, Pam states that Kim was always the center of attention.  You don't say!  She recalls, "She was always the pretty one, and I don't mean this in a bad or negative way, but she was always kind of the princess.  She just always was. It was her nature, it was her way."   

Speaking of, "the princess" tweeted the above photo of her dining with friends–including ring designer Lorraine Schwartz! (coincidence?)–in London.  I love when stories come full circle!


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