Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Dr. Drew Sits Down With Kail Lowry And Jenelle Evans


Teen Mom 2 has come to an end, and while we don't know if it's forever or just for now, it's time for the cast to talk about their troubles with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

This is Teen Mom, where "promising futures gave way to daily struggles, such as poverty, addiction, family breakdowns, absentee fathers, and revolving door boyfriends," says Dr. Drew. "The pressures and responsibilities of motherhood can be catastrophic." Then, to prove his point, the TV doctor welcomes Leah Messer Simms Calvert, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, and Jenelle Evans to the stage and reminds us what happened this season.

Leah flip flopped between Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, but her Magic 8 ball ultimately told her to marry Jeremy. Also, Corey and Leah searched for answers for little Ali. Chelsea and Adam Lind hooked up sans birth control but avoided a second pregnancy. Then, hell froze over, and Chelsea realized that Adam is no good for her. #hallelujah

Kail fought with Jo Rivera. Kail fought with Javi Marroquin. Kail fought with anyone with a pulse. Kail and Javi got married… military benefits, yo!… Jenelle left her military man, Gary Head, after he beat her up and reunited with her pot head, Kieffer Delp, after he wooed her with the green hoodie. Sadly, Kieffer introduced Jenelle to heroin. 

Phew. Let the healing begin. 


Part one of the reunion special focuses on Jenelle and Kail. Barbara Evans, Jo, Vee Torres, and Javi will eventually take the stage as well.

Before Dr. Drew talks to Jenelle, he reminds us (because we forgot since the last montage, two minutes ago) that she dated Gary, obsessed over Kieffer, fought with Gary, bought boobs, reunited with Gary, accepted Gary's marriage proposal, went to jail with Gary, broke up with Gary, reunited with Kieffer, and became addicted to heroin.

No mention of Jace. 🙁 


Jenelle starts to cry. "Mostly seems like the Gary stuff gotcha," surmises Dr. Drew. "Tell me about that." About the physical fight with Gary, Jenelle says that she wishes it never happened and that she was scared to death. Dr. Drew points out that Gary nearly killed her, to which Jenelle says, "It hurts that he says that he loves me, but if he loved me, he wouldn't have strangled me." Jenelle reveals that Gary has been kicked out of the Marines as a result of the charges brought against him. 

Jenelle says that she turned to Kieffer for support following the fight with Gary. "I needed someone there for me," Jenelle sobs. "To support me and to hug me and to care for me and to tell me it was going to be all right. Then, when I got his support, he wanted me to do the drugs." 

Jenelle mentions that this was her first experience with heroin. She says, the drug use made her vomit constantly, caused her to seek medical treatment three times, and led to panic attacks and insomnia. Jenelle says that this went on for a month before she asked Barbara for help, adding, "I felt like I was about to die. I felt like my organs were shutting down." 

Jenelle whines at a higher pitch, now, talking about how Kieffer sells stories to the tabloids. "I'm not that bad of a person," she cries. "I've cleaned up so much." 

Apparently, Dr. Drew doesn't care about Jenelle's tabloid woes, because he brings the topic back to the drugs. Jenelle admits that Kieffer did the injections, adding, "One time, he shot up so much, I passed out. When I woke up, Kieffer goes, 'Oh, it happens sometimes.'" Dr. Drew is like, that's an overdose. "Heroin addicts die," he says bluntly. "It happens all the time. There's no casual heroin use." Dr. Drew asks Jenelle if she replaced the heroin with another drug, and she says no, adding that she stayed with Barbara for four days to withdrawal. On that note, Dr. Drew thanks Jenelle for courageously sharing her story.

Barbara joins Jenelle on the couch, and Dr. Drew is like, your fans are in the audience, woot! Funny. I must have dozed off during the shout out to Jenelle's fans. 

Barbara shares that she and Jenelle are getting along much better since the "rescue". Yawn. Been there, done that. Let's discuss Gary. Dr. Drew points out that we all liked him, initially, and wonders what went wrong. Um. Jenelle Evans went wrong. The girl is toxic. Barbara reveals that Gary drinks too much and then becomes violent. "I had my suspicions that he was hurting Jenelle," Barbara admits. "I went to Jenelle a couple of times, asking, and she denied it." 

Moving on to Keiffer, Barbara admits that several acquaintances had reached out to her, asking her to help Jenelle. She recaps the events from the finale again, adding, "I thought she'd be dead. When I went over to her house, I thought she would be dead. I didn't know if she was alive; I didn't know if she was dead. If he gave her a hot shot, she's going to be dead, and then she'd be gone." Heavy stuff. 

Surprisingly, Jenelle is completely silent, until Dr. Drew brings up Jace. First, Dr. Drew urges Jenelle to acknowledge the "amazing job" Barbara is doing with Jace, and Jenelle thanks her mom. Then, Dr. Drew asks if Jenelle could ever regain custody of Jace, and things turn sour. "It's going to be a long time before I would ever agree to that," Barbara admits. "His home is with me. He's happy there. He's secure there." Jenelle starts to cry because Jace isn't allowed to sleep over her house. Barbara says that Jenelle is welcome to spend Thursday through Sunday with Jace, to which Jenelle says, "The only reason why she's letting me is because it's so convenient for her." Dr. Drew is like, Are you for real? It's four days a week. Barbara's reason is irrelevant. 

Dr. Drew points out that Jace is thriving, adding, "Jenelle, he's got two of you, he's very lucky." 

Before Dr. Drew talks to Kail, he reminds us that she and Jo got into a physical fight, which led to court-ordered therapy, and then Javi moved in with her, which led to her physically assaulting him. Nevertheless, Javi married Kail, and now she wants to move Isaac away from Jo, to follow her military husband around the country. 


With a blank expression on her face, Kail assures us that she hasn't put her hands on Javi "in a long time" and that things with Javi are "good" now. Anxious to bring some life to Kail's face, Dr. Drew decides it's time to talk about Jo's girlfriend, Vee

"Javi spends a lot of time with Isaac. He's a great presence in his life," Dr. Drew says. "Why couldn't Vee be the same thing? Isn't that a double standard?" Kail is like, Um. Not when Vee smokes weed out of a gas mask and then posts the pictures on the internet. In response to that, Dr. Drew asks Kail if she ever smoked pot. Yes, she says, but not since she found out she was pregnant with Isaac. And she certainly didn't post photographic evidence of it on the internet, because, like, that's the worst crime ever. ever. ever.

Dr. Drew challenges Kail, saying, "I don't think that's what this is." Oh snap! Kail is officially pissed off. I think. She always looks miserable, so it's hard to know for sure, but I'm going to go with definitely pissed off. Kail tells Dr. Drew that she doesn't care what he thinks, adding, "I'm protecting my only family." 

Then, Dr. Drew asks Kail if she's willing to share the stage with Jo and Vee. Yikes. Kail threatens to rip off Vee's head so Jo comes out alone. Dr. Drew asks Jo for his input on Kail's hatred of Vee, and Jo, too, thinks it goes much deeper than she admits. 

Moving on to Javi's military career and Kail's desire to relocate, Dr. Drew asks Kail if she thinks it's a good idea to take Isaac away from his dad. "I don't look at it like that," Kail responds. "Javi and I are working together to better Isaac's stability." Dr. Drew asks Kail how she'd feel if Jo joined the Air Force and wanted to take Isaac away from her. "Well, that's not happening, is it Dr. Drew?" snaps Kail. "We can figure out a custody agreement that works for us." That means Kail will dictate what she wants, says Jo, and then take him to court when he disagrees. 

Dr. Drew brings Vee out, finally, and Kail manages to control her rage. "When I do see Isaac, I'm not doing any of the things she thinks I'm doing," Vee shares. "I know what's right to do in front of children and what's not right to do in front of children." Also, Vee informs Dr. Drew that she works in a daycare, but Kail is not impressed. Kail backtracks now, saying that if Jo and Javi smoke and drink sometimes, that's okay. "Posting pictures is not okay with me, by any means," Kail says. "There's no justification for that." 

Vee realizes that she cannot say or do anything to make it right, as Kail's mind is already made up. "As much as I don't want it to bother me, it does," she says. "I do have feelings." Dr. Drew interrupts, reassuring Vee that Kail will eventually want to get to know her, and Kail is like, Nope. Not really. Kail hopes that Jo will always monitor Vee's time with Isaac in case she's drunk or high. 

Dr. Drew asks Kail why she doesn't want to learn more about Vee, to which Kail says, "What are you getting at here?" Dr. Drew tries again, saying that he wants Kail to let go of her fantasy about Vee, based on the pictures, and get to know the real person. Kail storms off, saying, "F-k this. You guys all f-king suck. Get me the f-k out of here. I'm done." 

Back from commercial, Jo and Vee are gone and Kail and Javi are on the couch, sitting three feet apart. Can you feel the love? Kail shares, she loves Javi because he puts up with her and tries to keep her sane. After a brief (useless) discussion about wanting to move away from Jo, Dr. Drew wishes them luck, adding, "I hope this works out for Isaac. I believe everyone's heart is in the right place, but I think it's going to be a little bit of a battle." 

Next week, Dr. Drew sits down with Chelsea, Adam, and Papa Randilicious, as well as Leah, Corey, and Jeremy.


Photo credit: MTV