Real Housewives of New York Stars Furious At Bravo For Ruining Their Reputations And Forcing Them To Work Hard!


Waaaahhh… cry me a river of pinot! Am I supposed to feel sorry for the downtrodden Real Housewives of New York? Apparently so! 

The ladies were in a standoff with Bravo last week and after harried negotiations reportedly all of them re-signed for the sixth season, which began filming today. 

Pinot Singer, who washed up on the beach of yesteryear's fashions and wine dregs, alerted us on twitter that she and Sonja Morgan were putting their camera-ready faces on and getting ready to turtle time us to death. I. can't. wait. 

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Unfortunately, it's not all happiness and pinot! Even though the ladies have signed for the show they are not happy with the terms! 

“Bravo really screwed over the women,” a production source told Tom Murro, via RadarOnline. 

The women are reportedly "furious" by the terms they felt forced to agree with to satisfy their famewhoring, including grueling filming schedules and low-wages. It sounds so sweat shop! I mean imagine, being forced to travel to St. Barth's, have sex with pirates, and get your make-up done. They are so not about this life!

The source explains, “It is a full time job to be on the show but they’re only paid for a fraction of the things they’re required to do. They’re furious and are telling people they’re underpaid.”

“They are required to shoot for five months out of the year, but that’s just the beginning," the insider elaborates. "They shoot for six days a week, twice a day. The ladies have two shoots a day, one for three to four hours in the morning, and then they have to change clothes and hair and makeup and shoot again in the evening for another three to four hours." 

Even worse, insiders say the women aren't provided stipends for necessities like hair and makeup people or home decor. Is it cause maybe they're supposed to be already rich and living fabulous lives?

“Some of the women are complaining that they’re really in the red after everything they have to spend personally to be on the show," the insider shares. "They have to pay for flowers in the house, they have to make sure everything is spotless for filming, the kids have to have nice clothes too.” 

The source describes the show as a “never ending spending spree," adding that, "the salaries hardly make it worth their while.” 

And even worse. I mean yes, it gets worse – sit down for this one! No one in NYC even likes or respects the Housewives! 

“No one in New York cares about fame,” the source explains. “All they care about is money. Being a Housewife can be humiliating in New York sometimes. People treat them like crap and they can’t get into events because of the stigma of being on a reality show.” Anna Wintour reportedly banned them from the recent MET Ball while their boss Andy Cohen was partying it up with A-Listers. 

However, the biggest drawback, by far, is that they know their fame – if you can call the momentary bust of attention, fame – is fleeting and that Bravo is out to exploit them for ratings without caring how their reputations are besmirched in the process. 

“With Bravo, the women feel like they purposely try to make them look as bad a possible to drive the ratings up,” the insider says. 

“All the women know there is only one star per city,” the source adds.“There is never going to be another Bethenny [Frankel] from New York City but the women just want to be paid enough to cover their expenses but they know that Bravo just doesn’t care.”

Well, you know, they could QUIT. And walk away with dignity in tact. Why come back for more and more, season after season? And I feel approximately ZERO sympathy for these ladies! 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]