The Real Housewives of New York

Over the weekend the cast of Real Housewives of New York continued to battle with Bravo over salary demands for the sixth season. At the eleventh hour all parties came to an agreement and filming is due to begin today. 

Media outlets were reporting a ton of different stories about who wanted what and who was refusing to return. Carole Radziwill confirms her reason for dragging her feet was money – and feeling taken advantage of! 

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 9.51.38 AM"I was paid more at ABC as an associate producer and that was in the 90s! :)," she added. At the last minute Princess Carole decided to return.


Tom Murro tells us: "All of the New York City housewives signed for the show and it's official. According to my little birdie Inside the circle…Bravo was dragging their feet on negotiations and was trying to put it on them."

"Bravo purposely did this right to the 11th hour to force them into not being able to negotiate," Tom's source said.

Reports are that Bravo is still hoping to add an additional Housewife to the show to change things up. The network was making threats about canceling the ladies' contracts or the show to pressure them into agreeing to lesser terms and sign on. 

Deadline adds that all the ladies were handed "modest" pay increases and Bravo threw in "contractual baubles like covering expenses for additional hair and make-up for the cast." 

As for how much the ladies are earning, Naughty But Nice Rob says the new ladies will each earn $150,000 for the sixteen weeks of filming. Sonja Morgan, who was seriously considering quitting the show, is now earning $350,000 for the season. 

Apparently Carole was the final hold-out in negotiations. “Carole thinks she’s better than the rest of the ladies because she married a Kennedy,” a network insider dished. "No-one in the history of the show has been less grateful than Carole. We get it, she thinks she is the Jennifer Aniston of reality TV….but the show’s rating dropped when she came on it. TV has survived without greedy Carole before, and will again”

“The ladies make more money working part-time for 16 weeks than most people make in a year. Plus, they get all the perks of being on a hit TV show."

According to E! News all the ladies had different reasons for trying to negotiate with Bravo. "Aviva [Drescher] is demanding more money and considers herself the ‘Lisa Vanderpump' of New York City," the source revealed. "Ramona [Singer] wants more money—she wants to get paid what Nene [Leakes, from Real Housewives of Atlanta] is getting paid." Bravo refused to pay Ramona the greatly inflated rate. 

LuAnn de Lesseps was considered "on the chopping block" and became "desperate" to stay on the show. She just launched a lifestyle brand she needs to promote. "She is willing to take a pay cut," the source said. 

[Photo Credit: WENN]