The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 8

You want to know who isn't talking to one another on Real Housewives of Orange County?  Unfortunately, I can't give you a cut and dry answer to that question, but I can tell you who IS talking to the media at any given moment.  Care to take a guess?  If you guessed Gretchen Rossi, you'd be wrong close.

Tamra Barney is all about giving out soundbites these days.  Not only is she dishing on her friendships (or lack thereof) with Vicki Gunvalson, Gretchen, and Alexis Bellino, Tammy is also reportedly getting a Bravo spin-off with soon-to-be husband Eddie Judge.  I know y'all can't wait to set your DVRs!


Tamra spoke to Wet Paint abuot the dynamic among her co-stars.  These women switch alliances more often than middle school girls!  Check out her interview below!

Everyone was shocked when you and Vicki started fighting at the end of last season. Will we see you two make up?

We start off shaky because of where we left off, but at the same time we’re trying to run a business together, Wines by Wives. So we have our ups and our downs.

What about Alexis? There were rumors she’d be leaving the show because she was so tired of the fighting…

Things continue the way they are with her. Everyone has a hard time filming with her for different reasons. I know I did.

Last season, we saw you and Gretchen Rossi finally made peace. But afterwards, during the off-season, there were reports you weren’t getting along again. What happened?

We start off strong. But then things get kind of awkward between us. We don’t end up fighting, exactly, but I saw some things I didn’t like. Things that made me step back and reevaluate my relationship with her.

Original cast member Lauri Peterson makes a return this season. Is she back for good?

No. Lauri came and stirred things up and then left. She just shook things up and then walked away. I didn’t see that coming at all.

Do you think viewers will see a different side of you this season?

Yes, because you’re going to get a little insight into my past this season that will help explain why I am the way I am. People are going to get to know me probably a little better than they have in seasons past.

Ahh, yes.  Insight into Tamra's life…now where could we see more of that?  Oh, I know!  Let's give Tamra her own show!  Radar Online is reporting that Bravo is going to do just that, but given the source, let's take that news with a grain of salt.

An insider tells the site, “Tamra is the perfect choice for the next Housewife to get her own show.  She joined the cast in series three and has become one of the veterans of the series and is incredibly popular with Housewives fans," adding, "For Bravo, she has it all: the romantic storyline of getting married, for a third time, the drama with the other OC Housewives and she’ll inevitably be a beautiful bride, when she walks down the aisle.”

Tamra has also talked about her two weddings which would make for Bravo-esque television for sure.  Recently she said, “We’re thinking about maybe going to Mexico with the kids and [our parents]… and then coming home and having a big fabulous wedding for hundreds of people."

Not surprisingly, Bravo has yet to comment, but a network source says that the show is a go…although it's not yet sure whether it will be a full season or just a special.  The source reveals, “Expect a formal announcement soon."

Even more Tamra?  You know you love it!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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