Little Town New Jersey Grand Opening

Caroline Manzo hung out in the clubhouse tonight with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, along with Lauren, Albie, and Christopher.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her kids talked about everything from dating (Albie and Chris are both still single) to Caroline's rift with sister Dina Manzo

The first question is asking what the deal is with her and DinaCaroline shares that she's sick of answering that question over and over, but she shares "everything is the same. We say hello but we're not friends. "

Then came the inevitable question of what makes Caroline think she can fix anyone else's family (the Gorgadices) since her own family is 'broken' right now.  Caroline says, "bottom line is, I can recognize when something's wrong, as I recognize when something's wrong in my own family. It doesn't mean I haven't tried, it doesn't mean that we haven't been talking or trying to work things out.  It's living, breathing and dealing with it, so you can recognize it in somebody else's family and try to help. That's it."


Andy says one of the most asked question for Lauren is why she seems so unhappy on the show.  Lauren says she's not unhappy.  "I think they (pointing to her family) can all vouch for me, they're all like, 'Lauren chill out with the happiness'."  She continues, "I think even after this long, I get insecure sometimes with the cameras. It's an insecurity thing and most of the time the producers make me so angry and I'm like 'you know what I'm going to be miserable right now' and then they'll tell me 'you're only spiting yourself for when it airs' and then I'll text them and be like 'sorry, you were right'. " 

Caroline says that the biggest misconception about her is, "that I've got my kids on a tight, tight leash. Not true."

The poll tonight asked viewers if they were on Joe Gorga's side or Teresa Giudice's side after their confrontation at the gym.  More than 70% were Team Joe.  Ouch.


Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty

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