Jennifer Dalton Denies Making Threats Against Kim DePaola; Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars Bicker On Twitter!


So apparently Kim DePaola has found herself in the middle of a drama vortex again. If she ever puts out a song (DO NOT GET ANY IDEAS, KIM!) she should totally call it "Drama Vortex" cause she lives in one!

Anyhoodle, she's sucked into one with Jennifer Dalton, the new Real Housewives of New Jersey hopeful, who by all accounts is a one season wonder!

Kim accused Jennifer of making "terroristic threats" against her. Well, of course, Jennifer of the alleged terroristic threats wasn't going to ignore that so she fired back with some terrorisitic-ist threats (aka lawsuit) on twitter. Which of course prompted Kim to explode. 


Here's an overview of the latest – which has been going on for days like a hostage standoff. Among the lovely commentary, the women slammed each other for being slutty and accused each other of being bad mothers. It's so classy I just don't know what to think! 

"hey @flygirljennifer , what does your white trash self know about raising children? heard you opted out of that privilege…," Kim wonders

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Kim says the fathers of Jennifer's children are "all over the place. their fathers, and one of their whereabouts will be revealed…"

In response Jennifer says Kim's mother raised her son and shot back with: "your sons been arrested for drugs, your a terrible mom lol. #cokehead" Kim's rebuttal: "Unlike your deprived soul, my son was raised by me his entire life. He works by driving a billionaire while you bl*w them" 

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And since Kim never met a stripper allegation she didn't love, she claims Jennifer has a "Lookers reputation" all her own! "@flygirljennifer inflicted herself on the Minnesota strip clubs by the names of Rick's Cabaret and Lamplighter. I'd shut off that lamp." In addition to being a stripper, and a possible lesbian, Jennifer is also a stalker! A girl after Kim's own heart… 

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Jennifer is separated from her husband and the father of her daughter Reign. Both were featured on the now canceled Pregnant In Heels

Since Kim spends all her time at Posche Facebook stalking Jennifer and googling her past, Jennifer accuses Kim of being "obsessed" with her. I think Kim is obsessed with chaos and Jennifer is a convenient by-product. 

And just for the record, Jennifer insists she did not threaten Kim! "@KimDPosche you are a pathological liar lol. I threatened you? You're not worth my time. Without me you're irrelevant." Jennifer warns, "Don't worry if she keeps this up there will be a lawsuit on her front step. Slander is against the law #lies #lies."

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Kim dismisses claims that she is a "cokehead" by the way and says it makes her seem "much more exciting" than she really is. Is it possible to be more exciting than Kim? And she cautions, "wait till you see what's gonna come out."

Ladies, just go on a retreat already and beat the botox out of each other!

[Photo Credits: BravoTV & Twitter]