EXCLUSIVE: New Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Jennifer Dalton Accused Of Making “Terroristic Threats” Against Kim D!


"Terroristic Threats" is obviously the new bullying on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Has it replaced stripper outing as the latest way to make enemies?! Let's hope… NOT. 

Jennifer Dalton is the new girl on the Franklin Lakes block and she has wasted no time taking on the biggest drama starter of them all: Kim DePaola! The ladies bitterly hate each other and have been slamming each other left and right; on twitter, in interviews, in blogs. I guess with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga "getting along" someone needs to be hating on each other in public, right?!

Well now the arguing is getting downright nasty – and possibly law enforcement will be getting involved. 


First Jennifer slammed Kim, saying she "looks like a drag queen." Kim, of course, retaliated by exposing Jen's shady past! Then after last Sunday's episode the two erupted on twitter calling each other out on being old, and shady, and having a zillion baby daddies (Jen, not Kim). 

Proving it's even getting nastier, Kim told Tom Murro that Jen is threatening her! "Jen said she's going to send some of her ghetto thugs to take care of her if she [Kim] doesn't shut her f–king mouth." Ouch – Lil' Kim on the attack? Can she see through her botched eye job?

According to Tom, "Kim's friends are worried but Kim [is] not scared." And Kim has a warning for Jen: "Jen better watch her own a$$. If anyone touches a hair on my head she'll be heading back to jail, I guess the previous times weren't enough.''

PREVIOUS TIMES IN JAIL?! Kim – call me. Seriously – we need to talk. I need alllllllllll the details! 

Adds Tom, "Jen isn't used to how these ladies play the game." Meaning she isn't aware that fighting evil, mud-rucking dirty is the way of the Jersey. 

I hope Jennifer looks good in orange; maybe Posche can start producing his and hers prison jumpsuits since Juicy will likely be needing one as well! 

[Photo Credits: BravoTV & Twitter]