Teresa Giudice And Dr. V Dish On The Retreat; Teresa Plays The Blame Game With Blogging And Tweeting


Teresa Giudice and Dr. V were together on tonight's episode of Watch What Happens Live.  They spent the episode reflecting on the retreat and dishing on everything from Caroline Manzo coming up to help, and Teresa reverting back to her "I'm not to blame" mentality.  It left me smacking my head against the wall just a little bit.

Dr. V starts off about her first impression of Teresa, "I met a very whole hearted person, a very vulnerable person."  She says she was inspired by the entire family by the time she left.

When Andy plays a clip of Joe Giudice being the voice of reason, Teresa tears up, saying "because I know my Joe's a sweetheart."

The first caller asks Teresa how it felt to be hugged Joe and Melissa? And also why she called Melissa a bitch?  "I was kidding, first of all.  It (the hugs) felt really great. It felt good. That's how we are, we kid around.  My husband and my brother always bust each others chops.  Me and Melissa don't do it that much, but a little bit. That's how we are. And hello, you see Richie. He's like that alll the time."


Dr. V praises Caroline for coming, saying she was instrumental.  "So there I was upstairs with half of the crazy and Caroline was downstairs with the other half. She was facilitating a sense of reality.  She was helping me, helping all of us. I want to highlight that Caroline was invaluable."

Dr. V then tries to defend Teresa calling Melissa a bitch as a joke and Teresa chimed in with "it was sincere." 

Andy asks Teresa if she's glad she called Caroline.  "Yeah, but I mean everything was resolved by the time she got there.  I'm glad she was there to experience it. I mean, I didn't want to call her but the reason I called her is because I know our family and we know how to fix it, we just need to try on both sides."  

Andy sums it up:  "so you were sincere in calling Melissa a bitch and you don't want to give Caroline any credit."  

Teresa defends herself, "no the reason i called her is because my brother didn't want to talk me and since my brother was the one who went to her in the beginning. So I'm glad she came and was able to experience it. "

The next caller wants to know if Teresa could do go back, what she would do differently with Joe and Melissa? "I would've never stopped the communication with my brother. I wanted to keep the communication going with him and he would say to me "call my wife". I should've insisted and just kept calling him.  If we would've kept the communication, I don't think it would've ever gotten to where it got."

Another caller asks Dr. V what she thinks about Melissa and Teresa being so aggressive at each other in their blogs, does she think it will undo the work accomplished at the retreat? "it's so easy to project all of your nonsense onto a computer screen.  I think because this family is so passionate and so whole hearted that these blogs and these tweets, I think it's in the way.  These are real whole-hearted folks and take away the glitz and the glamor and they're salt of the earth kind of people. They need to relate." 

Teresa chimes in "the first blog Melissa put out after, I called her up and I'm like 'are you kidding me? Melissa, I thought we were in a good place, why are you ripping me to shreds?' And Melissa was like 'Please. Get over it.  I'm watching the episode and blogging how I felt at the time.'  And here I am trying to keep it positive." 

Dr. V:  "I think the two of you, again, in person communication is the best thing. I think it cleans up a lot of misunderstandings. When i was with you, the whole family, it seemed pretty easy to get each of you to see the other persons's side. I think the blogging and the tweeting is a recipe for disaster. "  Amen, Dr. V.  AAAMEN.

Teresa again brought it up.  She claims that she said to Melissa "did you read my blog? I'm trying to stay positive. I could do the same thing (blogging negative), but I'm choosing not to.  I mean, last episode it was rough to hear what they were saying about me.  She called me a pig. "

On the endorsement deal digs that Melissa said last week: "that's sad, I never said anything about her music."  Andy says "well you said SOME stuff about her music".  Teresa says "no you asked me the question about the lip syncing and I answered you, but I never ripped on her.  I never did.  I hope she sells a million records".

P.S. Teresa clears up the bathtub scene from last week, sharing that she had on a strapless bra. 

Was Watch What Happens Live truly LIVE tonight?  The after show never loaded, so I'm wondering if it was taped, although that wouldn't explain the two or three callers….



PHoto Credit: Bravo TV