Top 10 Most Outrageous And Expensive Real Housewives Of New Jersey Parties!

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There are two things the ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey love: an opulent party and the inside of a courtroom! Lucky for Teresa Giudice – she gets to experience both. And she's not the only one! With bankruptcies (and rumors of them) galore, the ladies make no effort to stifle their spending. 

With news of Teresa and Joe Giudice being indicted for money fraud this week we thought we’d explore the fabulicious (and fabulously over-the-top) events of the RHONJ.



Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Melissa Gorga was only trying to keep up with the Giudices with an outrageous Christmas party fit for our savior. While it was suppose to be about charity, ummm… let’s be frank: that was just an excuse to get the alcohol and the drama flowing. But alls well that ends well, right?!



Christine's Sweet 16 Party 

Poor Christine – trapped with Danielle Staub as a mother. Despite Danielle's perilous financial state (Helllllooooo… sex tapes are not bringing in the big bucks) she managed to throw together a lavish party for her eldest daughter complete with an attempt to launch younger daughter Jillian's pop star career!


BLK Launch Party

Hoping, apparently, that BLK would be the next big thing, the Manzo's hosted a huge launch party replete with all-star entertainment. Yep, On Display live and in the flesh. "They're just waiting on me to fall…" Hit it J. Faux

milania-italyMilania's Fourth Birthday Party

Shortly before their bankruptcy was heard round the reality TV world, the Giudices took off to Italy for a first class cruise. Aboard the ship Milania (who was conceived in Milan!! See what they did there?!) celebrated her fourth birthday party. It's not every child that passes out on a luxury ocean liner from late nights and too many cupcakes to ring in their fourth year. I wonder what the feds thought of all that spending… 

gorga-christeningGod Bless Gino!

Hello world – meet the Gorgas! Teresa's siblings made their first official appearance on RHONJ with an outrageous Christening celebration for their youngest son. Among the family memories they made were a massive family brawl, an open bar, and three million tackily deployed sparkles. 

giudice-christeningAudriana's Christening

I shouldn't mock Melissa's performance, because it was modeled off another infamous RHONJ christening: Audriana's! Marie Antoinette served sushi from her skirt, the cake stood like 16 stories high, and it was a glitterstravaganza. I love the RHONJ interpretation of the bible. 


Gia's Birthday Party 

It's time for celebration – Gia is officially a tween. Which means a huge white party worthy of its own MTV show. And of course an adult room filled to the brim with Fabellini and unruly behavior. 

rhonj-field-dayFamily Feud Day

Jacqueline Laurita threw a fun-filled family field day with games, carnival dunking booths, bounce houses, and booze. And of course it erupted into bickering and Gia throwing a tantrum worthy of any good Gorga. 

teresa-housewarmingTeresa's Housewarming Party

"Congratulations on your re-done home!" It was one of the first lavish Jersey-straviganzas. Teresa and Joe re-did the mansion they already couldn't afford by bedecking it in even more marble, more gold-plate, more tackery and naturally Teresa had to celebrate big. time! (Ironically she's about to do time in the big house over her big house!). Teresa hired the infamous Elvira and dropped thousands upon thousands in cold hard cash to rent furnishings for the outrageous event. Oh Teresa… don't flaunt it, if you've illegally got it! 

The Posche Fashion Shows!

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Season 2 – Kim G supervises the fighting

posche-3Season 3 – Jacqueline Sparkles On The Runway

posche-4Season 4 – Drama Cesspool! 

Since we first uttered the words 'Posche Fashion Show' they been causing drama and demonstrating just how a Jersey gal throws a party they can't afford! 

In season 2 Teresa and Danielle verbally mauled each other at the classy affair. In season 3 Melissa, Teresa, and Jacqueline walked the runway, and in season 4 Melissa got accused of being a stripper so naturally an enormous family feud erupted in the parking lot. Just remember: Posche4Life That's just how Kim D rolls… 

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