Will Teresa Giudice Serve Jail Time If Convicted Or Will Joe Giudice “Take The Fall”? Dina Manzo Advises Her To “Stay Strong” !


Teresa Giudice is in a hailstorm of trouble. If she thought strippergate was something to get worked up over, she hasn't seen anything like going to trial against the federal government. No amount of body glitter can save a girl now! #OrangeIsTheNewLeopard.

While I fully intend Kim D, Teresa's eternally supportive BIFFL, to make her some Posche-appropriate prison garb and stage a Big House fashion show, Teresa is still hedging bets that she'll avoid jail time. 

Right now Teresa and Joe Giudice are developing a legal strategy that seems to focus on Juicy serving jail time while the Real Housewives of New Jersey star plays the innocent, doting wife who was a victim of his schemes. 


Teresa's attorney Henry Klingeman tells Perez Hilton: 

"It's almost invariably true that in federal criminal cases such as this one, the judge requires each defendant to have their own attorney," he explained. "It reflects the ethical rules so the lawyers avoid conflicts of interest. Even if people are on the same page like a husband and wife, they could theoretically go in different directions at some point in the future." 

In an effort to go in different directions (like Teresa goes to her marble mansion and hawks hair care while Joe heads to big house and um… hawks Juicisms) Teresa is hoping to plead down. She has no priors, remember! Can they use questionable reality TV behavior against her?

"Plea talks between the United States Attorney’s Office and Teresa and Joe’s lawyers haven’t formally begun yet, but prosecutors are insisting that BOTH of them do time behind bars,” a source reveals to RadarOnline. 

“The government has a very, very strong case against the Giudices and wants to make an example of them." In addition to looking at time, they also will be saddled with "significant financial penalties". Teresa will probably argue that allowing her to avoid jail time and work can help remedy these faster. 

Joe is more than willing to take the fall for Teresa so that she stays out of jail. Teresa is hopeful that she could do house arrest instead of jail time," a source states.

Teresa is desperate to avoid prison time – and even more desperate to avoid Joe getting deported. Which according to an attorney we spoke to is incredibly unlikely given the severity of the charges! 

Another reason Teresa is probably hoping to keep out of jail is their four young children. Teresa's close friend Dina Manzo (who is Godmother to her youngest daughter Audriana) says she is encouraging Teresa to keep her head up. 

"She has got to stay strong for her kids,” Dina shares with People Magazine (print edition). “When they are around, it’s all happy faces.” Teresa and her family spent last week vacationing with Dina in the Hamptons. 

A source told People that another way Teresa may scrape by without jail time is because she may not have known what exactly Joe was up to! "She just signed her name where she was told, whether by a loan officer, attorney or member of her family. Joe is the one who will have to walk the plank,” a source explains. 

However if Teresa does end up serving time, her daughters will definitely have tons of family support. “The kids would go to Teresa's mom and dad. No question. They're the only people she'd trust to take care of them," a source tells Wetpaint. 

As of right now, Teresa and Joe are “united in a defense.” But “that could change down the line" the source speculates. 

At the moment Teresa is looking on the bright side and focusing on her career – including the upcoming season of RHONJ which may or may not tape early to capture all the emerging drama! RHONJ “will start taping early so Teresa and Joe can be a part of it," a source reveals to Us Weekly (print edition). 

Teresa and Joe's trial date should be determined at the arraignment next week. Both are pleading Not Guilty.

Whatever the case, Teresa is getting more attention than ever. She's on the cover of major magazines and even People is devoting a sizeable chunk of their upcoming issue to her drama! 

Above Teresa's latest In Touch Weekly cover.