Tamra Barney Accuses Gretchen Rossi Of Dwelling On The Past; Says She Perpetuated Lies Against Vicki Gunvalson!


Well, when it was good it was super good, and when it was bad… well when it was bad it was the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion!

Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi were friends for literally less time than it takes to blow dry a set of blonde extensions and all of the sudden they're back to fighting about the same. old. ridiculous. things. Namely who's lying about what and whether or not Gretchen cheated on her first fiance. Do we care? Nope we don't but Bravo thinks we do… 

In her Bravo blog, Tamra calls out Gretchen for refusing to let go of the past despite the fact that she hauled five-year-old photographs to the reunion! 


"When I sat down with Gretchen two years ago I wanted to move on and thought I was being the bigger person by saying 'SORRY and let's move on.' By saying I was sorry I was NOT saying 'I was lying about what I saw.' I knew what I saw and she knew it. In my 45 years of living I have realized that rumors will fade fast but lies can haunt you forever," Tamra insists.

"Gretchen continues to talk about the past to everyone. It would be in her best interest to just stop talking about it and everyone else would too. The fact that she sat down with Lauri [Peterson] and brought it up again was stupid of her. She opened the door for everyone to revisit the story, including Alexis [Bellino] who had kept the secret for years."

Tamra is shocked that Gretchen, who claims to be the victims of vicious rumors, would perpetuate such behavior by believing Lauri's allegations against Vicki Gunvalson and spreading without proof!

"Lauri's threesome accusations about Vicki were ridiculous She had no proof, she said it herself," Tamra contests. "For Gretchen to spread the rumor like wildfire was wrong. For her to say Vicki banged 12 guys without ANY proof was ignorant. Vicki is not the one with compromising pictures with another man while wearing her engagement/wedding ring. . .Hmmmmmm!"

"I honestly think that Lauri fabricated the story to cause drama on the RHOC," Tamra adds. 

Well tonight is the second part of the reunion and Gretchen continues to be ripped to shreds. Among the allegations she is accused of staging her proposal and engagement for a storyline and of lying about Tamra's treatment of Alexis. Heather also refuses to let go of the Malibu Country drama. Dang, this ridiculous storyline has totally outlived that sitcom. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the reunion because we really like to chronicle the various facial expressions of Vicki. And now that her face has "settled" it's intriguing to watch it move. Join us if you dare!

[Photo Credit: BravoTV.com]