Alexis Bellino has really done a 180 on Real Housewives of Orange County.

I don't know if there's magic powers in the blinged out bible or she just finally decided that being herself was better than trying too hard. Or maybe Jim Bellino let her have brain back and reversed the lobotomy? Because not only is Alexis thinking for herself she's setting a good example for the other ladies to put pettiness aside and forgiving but not forgetting!

"It's easy to forgive, even though you don't necessarily forget. . .," Alexis writes in her Bravo blog of all the changed relationships she's experienced this season. 


On Where She Stands With Gretchen: 

"Many of you tell me I should move on with Gretchen [Rossi] if I can move forward with Tamra, and I have to say this: I HAVE moved on with Gretchen. We are not enemies; we are not friends." 

"A couple years ago, Gretchen and I were dear friends, and I had a deep trust, respect and love for her. When she threw our friendship away so easily, I saw her true colors. Once that deep trust with a friend is broken, it's impossible to gain it back."

On Forging A Relationship With Tamra Barney

"Hearing Tamra's past was not a surprise to me. Although someone's past is never an excuse for his/her behavior, hearing her story definitely helped me understand her better. Tamra is learning how to adjust her current actions to not reflect her past, and I applaud that."

"Tamra and I never had that trust or respect for one another because we only hung out a handful of times, and I think we always knew we were polar opposites. Today, Tamra and I are not claiming to be best friends; we have simply decided to look at what similarities we have rather than focus on our differences."

"It feels good to know she cared enough to reach out to me, and I'm glad we are able to hang out and have fun together, rather than fight."

On The Wedding Dress Shopping Drama: 

"When Gretchen told me Tamra texted her that she didn't want me there I immediately called Tamra. Tamra did not hesitate, stutter, or lie. She very clear and instantly said that she only told Gretchen she didn't want me there because Gretchen was exhausting and she'd rather focus on her special day than spend hours on the phone arguing with Gretchen about who she invited." 

"Tamra then proceeded to say that she 100 percent wanted me to share in her dress shopping day.  I am not responsible for Gretchen and Tamra's argument, I simply followed my heart."


Alexis & Jim, pre-chinplant, second nose job, and umpteenth lift! [Credit: instagram]

On The Malibu Country Casting Nonsense: 

"When I heard Gretchen's phone call from Malibu Country, it sounded exactly like the phone call I received from my manager. It said they were 'interested in her. . .and checking availability.' I never felt I was offered a role from that phone call."

"I personally think the only reason Heather [Dubrow] and Tamra are upset about this is because Gretchen used it to toy with Tamra's emotions. If Gretchen would admit she misunderstood the phone call since it was never an actual role, they would move on."

And Finally, On Why She's Done With The "Bullying" Topic: 

"I stated weeks ago in my blog that the word didn't matter. I wouldn't have brought it up at the reunion if I were not asked about it. The women and I are all in a different place now. I am past it, I am empowered. I am my own person, and I am not a victim."

Well that's it. Alexis is all over these bitches. She's shed her tacky Alexis Couture for some classier duds and she's movin' on up!

Next week is the final installment of the RHOC reunion and Vicki is taking some serious burns in the hot seat! A preview is below. 

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