2013 MTV Music Video Awards

Because Teresa Giudice has nothing more pressing to worry about in her life, she's making sure we all know that her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga was not the only Real Housewife invited to the MTV VMA's last night.  

Sunday afternoon Teresa Tweeted that she turned down an invite to the VMAs to spend the weekend with her family, which might not be the whole truth.  You're shocked, I know.   



When a fan called her out and said it was just a dig at Melissa, who actually was invited to attend the VMAs and Tweeted about it, Teresa replied that "Bravo invited all of us thank you very much. Kisses". (Kisses being code for "eff you, I'm still popular!").  According to our source, that was a lie! "Bravo never invited the housewives to the VMAs –  only to a few after parties that weren't being hosted by MTV."  

Here is her tweet:


When a follower asked Jacqueline about the Bravo invites, she said that it wasn't true, although Ashlee got an invite – but most likely because she's blogging for an entertainment site. .  


Our source feels that Teresa is just using this as a way to throw a dig at Melissa, "Teresa doesn't have a problem leaving her "family" i.e. kids for club appearances in Florida or beauty or food industry events, but it seems that Teresa is just always throwing passive aggressive digs on anything Melissa does and masks it by saying she turned down the same opportunity to spend time with her family. With everything going on in her personal life, it's amazing that she still feels the need to be competitive with Melissa and the other cast members."  

Please.  If Bravo had the OK to invite the Housewives to the event, there would have been a stampede to that red carpet!  The VMAs is a music industry event so it makes sense that Melissa would attend since she is pursuing a singing career and released her new single last night "Never Let Me Go" on iTunes.  And it makes sense for reality stars like Snooki and JWoww to be there because they're on MTV shows.  Hell, even the Teen Moms weren't invited and they're MTV stars. 

We reached out to Melissa Gorga's rep to see how she got the VMA invite and were told,  "Melissa's music manager Johnny Wright arranged her invite to the Video Music Awards."  Johnny Wright is also the manager for Justin Timberlake and The Jonas Bros, etc, so he's a legit player in the industry.  😉   

So, since none of the other Housewives were in attendance and Jacqueline denies the Bravo invite and Melissa explains how she got her invite, I'm leaning toward calling bullsh** on Teresa's claim.  I want to see this invite for myself.  


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