Basketball Wives Recap: Suzie’s Voice Of Reason…Who Knew?


Last night's Basketball Wives marked the fourth straight episode of Evelyn Lozada crying over Chad Johnson, and Tami Roman trying her darndest to start something with Shaunie O'Neal despite her positive life changes.  It was also the fourth straight episode of Tasha Marbury staying above the drama and Suzie Ketcham talking out of both sides of her mouth (only this time, she's not gossiping, she's just finally healing from her jaw surgery!).

We started back in Evelyn's counseling session.  Her therapist encourages her to figure out what she would do if there were no kids, media, or feminist groups involved. Again, I'm sorry…why are all of these people trying to get her back together with a head-butter?  We all know that the head-butting incident wasn't isolated.  I'm not saying that he was violent towards her multiple times, but their relationship was broken by both of them long before they walked down the aisle.  The therapist wants to know what are the wonderful things about Chad that the public doesn't know.  Is that you, Mrs. .Ochocinco Johnson?  Seriously?  With a glass of wine and dose of common sense, I'm more of a therapist than this lady.


Tami and Suzie are meeting for drinks because Tami never misses an opportunity for alcohol.  They chat about Suzie's return to college, and Tami reveals that she missed Evelyn's PETA birthday party because her mother was sick.  Having lost her father to pancreatic cancer, Suzie can empathize with her friend.  Suzie's finally able to move her mouth more, and she informs Tami about her apology to Tasha.  Her new friend is not about the drama.  Of course, in true Suzie fashion, she doesn't tell the whole truth when Tami asks if they brought up her name.

Evelyn is meeting with her attorney to discuss the no-contact order in place with Chad.  However, she spends the whole meeting discussing the fact that yes, she did have a pre-nup, and no, Chad didn't ask for it–it was her idea.  She's built her brand, she's made her own money, and she's the one who wanted the pre-nup, America!  Her lawyer tells her that the court mandated no contact order is about to be lifted.  Evelyn is fine with Chad being able to contact her.  So, apparently, is Evelyn's therapist.


Tami is bonding with her mother over a day of pampering.  She's hoping that a spa day will lift her mom's spirits and she suggests that they do a family portrait.  Tami's mother is touched by the gesture.  Tami's mother is a doll.  During their massage, Tami asks if her mother is considering hospice.  Her mom wants to be in her own place. Tami reminds her mother that she lives with her, and Tami doesn't necessarily want her mom's last breath to be in her living room.  Tami's mother knows that her daughter and granddaughters couldn't handle watching her final days in their home, so she's made arrangements to move into an assisted living facility.

Rumors are flying on the Internet about a reconciliation between Evelyn and Chad, and Suzie thinks it's a horrible idea.  She thinks that Evelyn can do better.  She wants to get Tasha's advice as to whether she should voice her opinion.  While the pair works out, Tasha suggests that Suzie keep her mouth closed (well, that jaw surgery may help) and just be supportive.

Shaunie meets with Evelyn to get to the bottom of what is going on with her friend and Chad.  Their face-off in court is awkward and giddy.  Evelyn explains that she went to a public dinner with Chad and his family.  She claims she attended to show Chad's daughter that she is still there for her regardless of the situation between her father and Evelyn.  Of course, the paps snapped a picture of Evelyn holding hands with Chad as they prayed over dinner.  Evelyn admits to Shaunie that she feels she owes it to other victims of domestic violence to stay strong.


Finally able to discuss something other than Chad, Evelyn is meeting with Tami to gossip about what Shaunie said to Tasha.  Tami still can't forgive her friend for thinking that she'd want to start something with the new girl.  Evelyn tries to smooth things over, but she thinks that Tami hasn't changed very much if she's getting so angry over such a petty statement.  Evelyn suggests that all of the women get together to discuss what happened, and Tami loves a public forum in which to call out others…plus, she can't wait to slap some sense (literally, perhaps) into Nostrils.

Before that meeting can take place, Tami invites Tasha to lunch.  She reveals that originally, she and Suzi did some joint research into Tasha's past, but Tami says she warned Suzi not to bring it up at the dinner party.  Does she remember that cameras are following her?  Before Tasha can even comment on the Suzi situation, Tami has thrown Shaunie under the bus.  Unlike Shaunie, who clearly (according to Tami) likes to bring people down, Tami is all about uplifting her fellow females.  Tami advises Tasha that if she ever has anything to say about her, she'd best say it to her.  Oh, the personal growth!

Like others before her, Tasha doesn't heed this advice and she goes straight to Shaunie.  Tasha likes Tami, but she was laughing as Tami gave her fair warning.  They quickly move on to chatting about whether Evelyn should give Chad another chance.  It's funny that when they talk to Evelyn, they almost encourage her to see how things are with Chad, yet behind her back they think it's a horrible idea.  Could these women be even more exhausting when they aren't throwing fists or wine bottles?  Later, Evelyn shares her Tami meeting with Shaunie.  Her Highness Nostrils will not be punched in the face.  End of story.  Evelyn then tries to engage Shaunie in a hilarious game of role playing.  The maturity never ceases to amaze me.


As much as Suzie respects Tasha's advice to bite her tongue regarding Evelyn getting back together with Chad, Suzie is too disturbed to let it slide.  She and Evelyn go for a walk on the beach where Suzie questions her friend's intentions.  Suzi reveals that her lisp was a product of an ex-boyfriend dislocating her jaw, and Evelyn feels extremely guilty for making fun of her lisp.  She shares with Evelyn that she went back to him until he put her in the emergency room.  Evelyn breaks down crying, saying she gets angry at herself for even entertaining the thought of reconciling with Chad.  My heart really hurts for her…and y'all know, I am NOT an Evelyn fan!

Next week, the women meet over dinner to air their differences, and everything goes very smooth since they've all grown and changed and matured so much!  😉


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