Adrienne Maloof Wants Her Own Reality Show; Claims To Have Several TV Opportunities In The Works!

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Adrienne Maloof apparently didn't get the memo that we don't like her. She's still clinging on to the belief that people want to watch her on television!

OK – to be fair many of us (me included) intially appreciated her voice of reason candor on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But then it emerged that she orchestrated a plot to destroy Lisa Vanderpump, and she threatened legal action against Brandi Glanville, and she accused her now ex-husband Paul Nassif of abuse via her chef… Safe to say her true colors came shining through neon, vegas-y, and tacky! 

Anyway, now that she's been booted from RHOBH Adrienne is hawking a product-a-minute and cougar-dating. And she's also attempting to angle her way back onto our televisions! 

"I have several different opportunities I have that I can't talk about, but they're big opportunities," Adrienne hints to Wetpaint about a return to TV. "Something along the lines of is what I'm all about is a businesswoman. Giving back philanthropically."


Despite all the negative publicity she's received in the last couple years, Adrienne subscribes to the Kate Gosselin School of Delusional Relevance cause she thinks deserves to be on TV and is famous enough that she's used to it! 

"I've been in the public eye my whole life. So I deal with it," Adrienne says. "There is always drama, there is always drama in life. What I've dealt with the past year and a half has been more than any person could have imagined." 

Adrienne says she plans for her new TV ventures to be about giving back and doing something positive. She just wants to help us little people…  "My father who passed away when I was very young told me, if they're talking about you, you have to do something positive with that. So I've turned a negative into a positive." 

Apparently Adrienne also continues a very real friendship with fellow divorcee Camille Grammer! "Camille is very close to me. She knows what she's gone through in her divorce. I admire her, she admires me," Adrienne shares.

"There are nights when I've had to say hey you've gone through this, and only when you go through this is when somebody else can understand. She understands."

Camille is also not returning to RHOBH. After a season as a 'Friend of the Housewives' she opted not to come back in any capacity for the upcoming fourth season citing how negative the show had become. Maybe she can be on Adrienne's new show – after all it's about being positive, y'all! 

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