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Sorry, Tamra Barney, but Andy Cohen has a favorite housewife!  Of course, it's Lisa Vanderpump, but I digress.  NeNe Leakes is a close second, and she's remarrying ex-husband Gregg which is a story line made in Bravo heaven.  It shouldn't come as a surprise that NeNe's wedding spin-off, I Dream Of NeNe, gets nearly a full season of episodes as opposed to a measly three.

To bring everyone up to speed as to why NeNe is re-marrying Gregg, NeNe must spend the first part of the show explaining why she "divorced his ass."  Their fifteen year marriage, split, and rekindled romance is described in less than a minute.  NeNe is getting adjusted to being back in Atlanta after an extended period of time in Los Angeles.  She finds her original wedding program and dress, and NeNe and Gregg reminisce over their first walk down the aisle with their wedding video.

NeNe shares that forgiving Gregg's past behavior is a lot easier than forgetting it.  She assures viewers that she wants everything to be different from the first go-round, and she isn't looking at this as a new wedding, but a new marriage.  That's a plus!  The couple spends time in Athens on their journey down memory lane, and they meet NeNe's aunt and godmother for lunch.  NeNe's godmother reminds Gregg of a talk they had a year ago when he promised he'd get his family back.


We all know that NeNe is making the big bucks now, so she approaches her attorney about writing up a prenuptial agreement.  While her lawyer is happy for her, he also gives the percentages of her chances of divorcing Gregg yet again.  NeNe isn't necessarily going behind Gregg's back to talk to her lawyer…but she kind of is.  Her attorney recommends that they each keep what they have going in, and whatever they accumulate together they can divide.  He wants to go ahead and get the execution of the documents out of the way, and he wonders how comfortable Gregg will be to sign.   Um, NeNe's not quite sure…

NeNe is going on a local morning radio show to dish on her time on Glee and her reconciliation with Gregg.  She spits out a lot of cliches and jokes that divorced Gregg to teach him a lesson.  She chats about her rich post-Gregg boyfriend, and NeNe promises that she was a very good girl…she didn't do anything with him but shop!  Of course, NeNe would rather go to bed with Gregg than piles of money.  She also drops the prenup bomb on the radio, so NeNe realizes she needs to high tail it to Gregg before he finds out from someone in the listening audience.

Later that afternoon, NeNe decides it's time to chat with Gregg.  Instead of starting with the prenup, NeNe starts in on Gregg about his five children from a previous twenty year marriage.  They all live in Atlanta, and NeNe has a feeling that Gregg has previously portrayed NeNe as a step-monster stripper who ruined their family.  She wants Gregg to rectify the situation so that both of his families can have a healthy relationship together.  NeNe mentions counseling, and Gregg practically chokes on his cocktail.

NeNe is lunching with her Uncle Mel who has been married five times.  Already I want this man to have a spin-off.  Could he be more precious?  She explains her reasoning for wanting to remarry Gregg, and she cites communication as their biggest hurdle.  Thankfully, bad communication doesn't equate to bad sex in the Neenster's world.  NeNe broaches the subject of Curtis…the man she always thought was her father until a paternity test proved otherwise.  She shares that Curtis cut her and her family out of his life when he learned the news.  Since NeNe is requesting that Gregg work on his family issues, she plans to do the same.  NeNe sees a lot of similarities between Gregg and Curtis, and I love that she's able to ambush him on Uncle Mel's phone.

Speaking of family, NeNe is meeting up with eldest son Bryson to buy him some furniture for his apartment.  She wants to make sure that her precious granddaughter's father is taken care of since he can't seem to take care of himself.  Bryson is on crutches due to a recent car accident.  NeNe needs Bryson to be more mature, and she urges her twenty-three year old to formulate a good relationship with his child's mother regardless of whether they stay together.  She asks Bryson to walk her down the aisle with her younger son Brent.  Maybe Bryson would learn more responsibility if his mother wasn't paying his way…

Poor Gregg is trying to lose weight for the big day by pacing around his backyard and lamenting about his extra poundage to his tiny pup Playa. Nene has actually convinced him to attend premarital counseling, but Gregg is incredibly standoffish and guarded.  He doesn't want to talk about anything in the past, but NeNe wants to address the past so that they won't repeat it.

Gregg's behavior during the therapy session is extremely defensive, and I want twist Gregg's ear and tell him to act right. NeNe shares her feelings on Gregg not wanting to pursue a relationship between his grown children and family and herself and son Brent.  I'm worried that Gregg is going to come to blows with the therapist over his inability to talk about his family.  For once, NeNe seems both vulnerable and strong, and I hope she's able to get through to Gregg.  He's being quite the turd!


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