Last night was the much awaited season finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey. And I mean much awaited because we are all desperate to escape the meandering Gorgadice feud storyline which has dominated the show for three seasons. 

With majorly dropping ratings this season, we're hoping next season is a season of change. But until then, our favorite existing Jersey stars weigh in on last night's episode. 

Teresa Giudice did not comment – clearly her appearance on WWHL said enough. As for Melissa Gorga she used the opportunity to promote her various endeavors – currently a controversial "marriage bible" – and retweeted that this season had the "perfect ending". OooooKaaaay. 


Kathy Wakile, whose storyline was Rosie, cannoli, and Richie-isms, focused on moving towards the future since she may be out of a RHONJ job. She and Richie are in fact building a new house. "Broke ground this week! @richardwakile decided I needed another kitchen so we're building a house around it!"


The plans for Kathy's new house. [Credit: Twitter]

Jacqueline Laurita was oddly quiet, but positive. Much better than last season when she acted like twitter was her full-time job and she was conductor of the Destroy Teresa Railroad! jacqueline-laurita-rhonj-finale-tweet

Penny Karagiorgis, who played a lackluster albeit major role in the finale mayhem, hinted that she wasn't allowed to comment on what happened behind the scenes! "So limited as to wt I can say !!! This sucks !" She's referring to the accusations that her footage was majorly edited to seem as if Teresa was being implicated. And also to the epic Posche brawl that was largely cut from the show. 

Most vocal about the incidents of the finale was Kim D – of course! Her witches mane of straw and abandoned Barbie locks was spinning Caroline Manzo in an evil web on twitter. I thought they were cool? The highlights: 

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.25.02 AM

"Shut up @CarolineManzo . You wouldn't know a happy family if it slapped you in your lying face. Go try talking to some of your siblings," Kim added. She also pinpointed a woman named "Jill" (or Jillian) as "Al's mistress". Ouch! Guess it's a good thing Caroline is quitting next season. 

"Big hugs for all the love tonight. You guys are the greatest, I appreciate each & every single one of you! Goodnight!!! xoxoxo," Caroline tweeted instead. "This scene is nuts. Amazing how fast 5 years have gone," Albie commented on the scene of Caroline pretending to consider moving to Hoboken. 

Meanwhile, Caroline and Co. are busy distancing themselves from the show that made them and focusing on their spinoff, Manzo'd With Children. The new series, which has been green lighted but not officially picked up, began filming yesterday and the Manzo crew took to blowing up twitter and instagram. 

Some photos are below! 

Most surprisingly Dina Manzo reacted and hinted at a possible return. Some sources claim she's coming back to the show now that Caroline and Jacqueline have departed. Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.43.03 AMBut perhaps Joe Gorga put it best. He tweeted: "And life goes on!!!!!!" Touche, touche! 


Vito "signing his life away" to appear on Manzo'd With Children. Who, again, decided they were interesting enough for a show?

manzo-with-childrenFilming beginning at Caroline's house. [Credit: instagram]

[Photo Credit: Bravo]