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Last night's I Dream of NeNe shifted the drama and cattiness from Gregg Leakes' kids and plops it right on top of NeNe Leakes' bridesmaids.  The only constant throughout it all?  The Neenster's larger than life ego stays totally intact! Also, if I wanted to make this a drinking game, I'd have you chug your vino every time NeNe talked about her bride-maids. Am I crazy for thinking there should be an "s" in there?

Gregg is running interference with son Damien while NeNe schools her remaining adult step-children.  Dr. Jeff is hoping he can help the family move forward, and all of Gregg's kids (sans Damien) seem just plain confused by the situation.  Look at NeNe's flowing locks in her interview sessions!  Work!  Dr. Jeff thinks that the major issue is between Gregg and the kids instead of NeNe and the kids.  Oh, Bravo editing…now NeNe's interview session hair is in sort of an Adam Lambert-esque bob.

NeNe is hoping that Gregg's only daughter Katrina will be the voice of reason. She feels that Katrina's feelings get lost among her boisterous brothers.  Katrina reveals that she doesn't have much of a relationship with her father because he only responded to her when she asked for money.  She wanted a more emotional and supportive role in her dad's life.  NeNe bonds with Katrina over her own absent father.  Katrina seems to have gotten through to Gregg and he promises to rectify their relationship.


Enough with the family drama, NeNe wants to get on with wedding planning. She's meeting with her realtor to help her find the perfect spot for her nuptials.  All of a sudden, NeNe is bombarded with two of her oldest friends who are also part of her crazy wedding party.  The crew tours an estate which has an amazing outdoor area. NeNe reveals to her bride-maids that she's meeting with a wedding planner the following day, but sadly, most of the most exciting and glamorous Atlanta wedding planners were already booked.  The women joke about the bridesmaids, and her friends know that Diana can be major buzzkill.  NeNe appreciates her friends' support throughout her divorce, and they admit that they are happy to see her back with Gregg.

The next day, NeNe and Gregg are meeting with the wedding planner and her assistant, but NeNe is concerned that the planner doesn't have the big picture in mind. NeNe wants her weave blown off with creative ideas.  It seems that her weave has been blown on and off throughout the course of her talking head interviews.  When the wedding planner tries to prove her worth with her professional sports clientele, NeNe reminds her that she doesn't wear cleats, she wears Louis Vuitton.  Let's not forget the fact that NeNe is off the charts famous while the women who marry pro athletes are usually nobodies who hitched their ride to a sports' star in high school.  Wig begs to differ.  This poor wedding planner doesn't stand a chance against the Neenster's ego.

NeNe and her maids have chartered a private jet to Los Angeles to meet with her dress designer.  The Neenster feels very at home in L.A. because its where she makes her money.  I'll say this about NeNe…at least she's humble.  The women check into their suite, and Diana is already throwing major shade at Marlo Hampton.  At NeNe's dress fitting, the girls are joined by two more bride-maids, one of whom is Laura Govan. Marlo is smitten with the designer, and we learn that he's created dresses for Mariah Carey and Beyonce.  Let's be clear on something…Kim Zolciak wore one of his dresses in her wedding to Kroy, but it was used.  He is designing something one-of-a-kind just for NeNe.  And for the low, low price of fifty-eight thousand dollars, it had better be something special.

Back in Atlanta, Gregg is catching up with son Brentt over a game of driveway basketball.  He wants to make sure that Brentt's vision is also a part of their big day.  Of course, when Brentt requests a horse as a ring bearer, Gregg decides to change the subject to how much his parents love him.  Brentt shares that he doesn't like having a celebrity mom, and he wishes that NeNe was around more often. Awww, Brentt!  Gregg tries to explain that they need to be supportive of NeNe's career.

It's very exciting for NeNe to get to show her bride-maids how things are done Hollywood-style.  Some of her bride-maids are wondering why Diana is being so hard on Marlo.  NeNe feels that she has to defend her old pal to her other friends, and she tries to explain that Diana is only protective of her.

Over lunch at a paparazzi hotspot (NeNe loves showing her non-famous bride-maids how the other half lives), NeNe is holding court about the demise and rejuvenation of the Leakes' marriage.  Next, NeNe is quick to throw one of her friends under the bus when she asks Diana is she is truly happy for her and Gregg because bride-maid Lexis doesn't think so.  Lexis doesn't even get to respond before Diana and Marlo start going off on one another. Diana hands Marlo her ass on a platter and then Marlo insinuates that Diana may have, ahem, stronger feelings for NeNe than a friend should have. NeNe is appalled by the inappropriateness of the fighting, so I'll refrain from reminding her that she started it.  Whatever will happen to NeNe's celebrity status if she's kicked out of Mr. Chow's?


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