Dina Manzo Reveals Why She “Quit” Real Housewives Of New Jersey; Danielle Staub On WWHL!


It's a former Real Housewives of New Jersey bonanza!

Former stars Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub are trying to pedal their way back into the reality television spotlight. Or something.

Dina has a scripted soap oper-y gig in the works, but before that premieres she's appearing on Oprah's 'Where Are They Now' to discuss why she left RHONJ and her fractured relationship with Caroline Manzo. She'll also be discussing her friendship with Teresa Giudice – and her friend's little legal problem!

Dina tells Oprah's network that the show turned toxic and it was no longer an environment she enjoyed. "At the very beginning of filming we had a lot of fun," Dina confesses. "Because they weren't sure what direction the show was going into — it was before the table flip happened."


Unfortunately Teresa ruined all of that – like she ruins a lot of things – but it wasn't all her fault. The toxicity that is Danielle was also to blame! Dina feels the 'Table Flip' upped the ante and changed the scenario for the entire Real Housewives brand. 

"That kind of sent the show into a different direction — I think, the entire franchise into a different direction," Dina believes. "When I went home at the end of the night and I was shaking instead of feeling inspired, I knew there was something wrong." 

It turned a fun gig about wealthy (or pretending to be wealthy) moms into Dina describes as "horrifying". Dina says she warned her daughter Lexi, 'Don't be like any of us, including myself.' I just was so horrified that my daughter saw that." After that she began to have second thoughts about the show.

As for Teresa, Dina says, "The Teresa I know is just fun-loving. And whatever is going on in her life she maintains a happy attitude." 

Dina's appearance on OWN airs tonight. 

And moving on, Danielle will be the guest on next Sunday's WWHL! There she'll be discussing her opinions of RHONJ and possibly (HOPEFULLY AND FINALLY) revealing her connection to Melissa Gorga and coming armed with proof that Melissa contacted her to appear on the reality show. 

There's been rumors all season of Danielle returning to haunt season five, which some reports even stating that she "stalked" the cast members while filming was occurring. She did meet with Andy Cohen earlier this year and now we know why! I'll be very curious to see what Danielle has to say – and if it's of any earth-shattering merit. Teresa and Melissa are allegedly in a good place now – at least in public – but we have our doubts!

Danielle will appear on WWHL September 8th! A clip of Dina's Oprah appearance is below!

Moving on, tonight the healing continues in Arizona as Jacqueline and Teresa have yet another discussion about their friendship and what Teresa may or may not have been implying with her "karma" comment!

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode cause we want to hear all the latest and wine-addled excuses for the nonsense!

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