We here at Reality Tea love a good Housewives conspiracy! So let's discuss the latest mess circulating around Real Housewives of New Jersey

All season long there has been a ton of speculation about how Johnny The Greek and Penny Karagiorgis not only appeared on the scene but seemed to have so. much. inside. information. about everyone! But most specifically, Melissa Gorga! All fingers pointed to Teresa Giudice, our intrepid Melissa-hatin' Housewife. But perhaps, just perhaps, there was a lurking saboteur that was actually the mad pot stirrer of the RHONJ universe: Kathy Wakile! Is she Wallpaper no more?

After last night's reunion during which Teresa was prepped for federal court testimony grilled again about where Penny came from, Teresa allegedly re-tweeted an article pointing out that it is actually KATHY who has "The Grk" connection. I never saw Teresa's tweet, so I'm going by the rumor-mill here. The connection? Kathy's daughter Victoria happens to be be BFF with Johnny's niece a girl named Marigo Mihalos


A quick trip through Marigo's twitter demonstrates that she's obviously closely associated with the Wakiles. She's in a ton of photos from Kathy's recent birthday party and is re-tweeted and tweeted by the entire family, even Richie!

Despite the evidence to the contrary, Kathy is still denying she has any affiliation with the family or that she is the connection to Johnny!

However, according to our source there's an even deeper connection!  "Kathy is saying she has NO idea who these people are…meanwhile her daughter DATES Johnny the Greek's nephew. She knows who they are and knows them well."

Numerous media outlets, and Penny herself, have revealed that the night before the Poshce 2 Brawl Penny and Johnny spent hours chatting with the Wakiles, except when they got to the bash (pun intended!) the Wakiles abruptly changed their story and stayed out of the line of fire. 

Upon learning that Teresa possibly implicated her sister, Rosie Pierri flipped out on twitter. "Hey @Teresa_Giudice ur pathetic and ur pyssing me off !!" she wrote as part of a litany of scathing tweets. Seriously – does anyone have the original Teresa tweet? 

Our source reveals that shortly after Marigo's PR team went into damage control overdrive, telling us she had a tabloid site "write up an article to squash it." Sure enough RumorFix is now issuing a denial of Kathy's affiliation with the Greeks. Defending his niece, Johnny tells the site Kathy had nothing to do with them joining the show. 

"It’s sad that people fabricate what they assume is the truth. PR is my niece’s job and I respect her for not taking sides," Johnny detailed. "I’m not friends with all of her friends, as she’s not friends with all of mine.”

Johnny continues, “We might know of each others friends, but that doesn’t mean we’re also friends. We are not friends with the Wakiles and never were, and they did not bring us on the show.”

Our source insists that is totally not the case! "Kathy said many times who are these people…. I have never even heard of them. That was Teresa's point of tweeting the article. Everyone flips out if Teresa calls them out in a lie." 

Just as an aside, Marigo is also a talent booker for Bethenny Frankel's talk show. And who should appear as guests recently, but Melissa and Kathy. And what should they talk about? Teresa, whom Bethenny also does not like! 

Here's the thing: why would Kathy try to do this? My answer: storyline. Kathy's been floundering on the show; she has no storyline and this is the second season in a row she's been 'on the chopping block' for being boring! Now, she could either be trying to take down Melissa to boost her own ranking. OR she and Melissa could be conspiring together with The Greeks to make Teresa look like the perpetrator again. Which seems to be the case. 

Above is a photo of Marigo, Kathy, and Victoria from twitter. 

Oh yeah, and Rosie finally got a job! She'll be hosting the AMA Awards with Lance Bass. Bravo is really trying to make her "a thing", aren't they?

[Photo Credit: Twitter]