I Dream Of NeNe Recap: Tiffany’s Demise

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It's nothing but drama with a capital NeNe "D" as NeNe and Gregg Leakes attempt to make it down the aisle yet again on the Bravo wedding spin-off I Dream Of NeNe. Last night's episode focused on mayjah issues with an obstinate wedding planner, but Gregg's jokes made the whole hour bearable.  Pass the Lawry's, won't you?

After instigating the fight to end all fights among her bride-maidzillas in Los Angeles, NeNe has brought Diana, Lexis, and Marlo Hampton together back in Atlanta to work through their issues.  Above everything else, these ladies need to know that above all, they are supposed to be supporting the Neenster.  It's going really well, I tell ya!  NeNe is tired of playing referee between Team Neenster Diana and Team Gregg Lexis.

Marlo then compares Diana's looks to that of a security guard, but quickly covers by saying that Diana has been a security guard for NeNe's friendship. Nice save! NeNe feels badly for her old pal, but she can't help but laugh.  Marlo forces Diana to hug it out, and here's hoping the bride-maids can be drama free for at least an episode.


It's about to be World War III between NeNe and her wedding planner Tiffany, and there is only one person to blame…Porsha Stewart. After all, she's the one who recommended this hot mess of a planner.  Porsha thinks that Tiffany is probably intimidated by a fete of this magnitude for a celebrity of this caliber.  Sure.  That's it.

Tiffany is avoiding NeNe like the plague, and I have to admit, I'd be frustrated with her as well. Gregg suggests a carrier pigeon.  The following day, Marlo rides NeNe's coattails all the way to the stationary store to pick out some invitations.  Her wedding is five weeks away, so technically her invites should have been mailed already, or at the very least going out STAT.  Emily Post would be hyperventilating right about now! The stationary guru asks if Marlo is the Neenster's wedding planner.  How embarrassing! She's just a bride-maid!

Peter Thomas is fixing a cocktail for Gregg while the men awkwardly and scriptedly dish about Gregg's lucky second chance with NeNe. Bless them. You know they really want to be talking about the fact that Kroy screwed up their fantasy football league. Peter broaches the subject of a prenuptial agreement, and he explains that he signed Cynthia's in 0.5 seconds. He urges Gregg to do the same.

The happy couple is supposed to be meeting with Tiffany, but she's running very late.  I do have to agree with the Neenster…people who are consistently making others late are blatantly saying that their time is way more important. Tiffany is ready to move forward with the design, but NeNe is confused as to how that will happen when Tiffany is withholding all the design sketches.

Instead of adopting the creed that the customer is always right, Tiffany is incredibly defensive in response to NeNe's questions.  "Why the eff did you hire me?" Tiffany challenges. That is the million dollar question, my friend! Tiffany has partnered with Nintendo for a Pokemon extravaganza. NeNe flies off the handle and says that she hired Tiffany because the other two planners she wanted were busy.  Tiffany would have preferred for her to say she was hired because she's the bomb. Is she? So far, only Pikachu knows…After an ugly stand-off, Tiffany sulks off with her tail between her legs.

Gregg is beyond frustrated, and he calls Peter with his plans to cancel to the wedding and head to the JOP.  You know, the Justice of the Peace, baby!  The wise Peter warns his friend that heading to the courthouse is a terrible idea. However, Peter does advise Gregg to speak his mind to NeNe.  This should be good! At home, Gregg wonders if switching planner last minute is such a good idea.  NeNe is beyond stressed, and she hasn't heard from Tiffany since their showdown. Gregg wonders if it will be too much for a new planner.  He is clearly thrown off by his future wife's Where's Waldo specs, and he suggests canceling the wedding.

To take NeNe's mind off the craziness, Cynthia Bailey is throwing a Mexican fiesta for her friend and her bride-maids. Having given up on friendship contracts, Cynthia has come up with a new parlor game. She's got a basketful of ugly sunglasses, and if anyone throws shade at another maid, they will have to wear the specs for at least two minutes.  NeNe explains the Tiffany drama, and Cynthia recommends her planner. Marlo and NeNe are convinced that they can push him to create an over-the-top event.  When NeNe starts complaining about Gregg and the pre-nup, all of the women don some shades for the shade NeNe is throwing at her future husband.

NeNe tells Gregg that she's thinking of hiring Marlo to help make her vision come to fruition.  If it will help with NeNe's stress levels, Gregg is all for it.  The trio is meeting with Cynthia's planner Tony, and within twenty seconds, NeNe is in lurve.  Gregg is jokes that the budget is $300, but NeNe reveals that they would like to keep it under a $1 million.  Gregg doesn't bat an eyelash as long as there is plenty of Lawry's season salt on the wedding food.  Amen to that!

That evening, the couple is thrilled with the progress that Tony was able to make in an afternoon. After such a great day, NeNe hates to bring up the pre-nup, but of course it doesn't stop her. Gregg wonders if he missed a window by not having NeNe sign one at their first wedding when he was wealthy and she, well, wasn't.  I am digging on Gregg's sense of humor this episode. NeNe is on the defensive, and Gregg is being incredibly passive aggressive. No more jokes?


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