Exclusive With Photos: Kyle Richards Has A Screaming Fit At A Children’s Charity Event! Daniel DiCriscio Target

The Abbey's 8th Annual Christmas In September Event Benefiting The Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Kyle Richards is so ratchet! Seriously girl, accept it – you're never gonna be that famous. And nobody's ever gonna like Faye Resnick!

Apparently the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's rudeness knows no bounds. After making Brandi Glanville her target last season, she has switched her venom to former BFF Lisa Vanderpump. This is totally going to work Kyle, now everyone's going to love you. YOU will finally be a star. #Delusion

While hosting The Abbey's 8th Annual Christmas in September Charity Event, "Klassless Kyle" turned her wrath towards Lisa's friend Daniel DiCriscio. You may remember him as a former friend of Faye's, who sold him out once she thought she hit the big leagues interior decorating Paris Hilton's pad (which if you've seen The Bling Ring is nothing to brag about from a design standpoint).

Daniel was a guest at the event, invited presumably by Kyle, which he quickly realized was a set-up for the hair-whipping, high-kicking, splits wielding Kyle to scream at him about how much Lisa sucks and accuse of him of trying to ruin her reputation and Faye's. Lovely. Last year the two had issues at an after party for Lisa's appearance on Dancing With The Stars


The event was to raise money for the Children's Hospital. All attendees brought a gift to donate to the kids in care. Daniel included. Referring to the event as the "Kyle Boo Boo" show, Daniel compares her social couth to that of Honey Boo Boo. Um… the Boo Boos have a lot more manners than Kyle, just sayin'! 

Here's Daniel's recollection of what happened that night: 

"I have nothing against Kyle, but she has something stuck in her craw with me… it all derives from Faye."

"I was on the red carpet being photographed, and all the people that were working the event were super nice to me, until Kyle arrived. I finished my run on the carpet and Mauricio, Kyle's hubby, was in the doorway and we started chatting."  

"He shook my hand with a big smile and we talked about the new season of RHOBH, Kyle, the event, and my gift I was donating. Then we watched Kyle on the carpet and I said she looked great, and he smiled and agreed!

Now, when Kyle finished the carpet and came towards us, she stopped when she saw me on the carpet mind you, and in front of all the cameras started berating me and peppering me with accusations and questions!  All I said was, 'Hi Kyle, you look great!  Nice to see you!'.

Daniel says he was in a good mood and had no desire to get into an argument. 

"I thought we all moved on and thought she was a bigger person than what she was showing me, or would show me later!  She started saying that I was a 'liar' in front of all the press on the red carpet and was bullying me, and that I was mean with what I said about her and Faye; what I said about her in my stories, and how awful of a person I am, etc!

I said to her  in a smiling, calm delivery, 'Kyle, I did not lie, you called me an asshole and talked down to me.  I told the truth, I even prefaced a respect to you and your family before I told you!'  


Kyle then accused Daniel of being in cahoots with Lisa against her and Faye. "Kyle has even stated to me, basically accusing, that she knows Lisa Vanderpump is paying me to say things. Obviously, Kyle reads everything about herself on the internet."

Daniel claims Faye and Kyle have attempted to blacklist him, intimidate and bully him over his affiliation with Lisa. "I was in shock at her boorish behavior," he states. 

Following the initial confrontation the two talked and Kyle "kinda cooled down a bit but was still edgy." Unfortunately the social niceties quickly faded once they headed inside to the event. 

"After we all went inside, she went to do an interview for E!, we chit-chatted briefly about our mother's dying of cancer before she went into do her interview. She grabbed my hand to show how we both shared the same hurt, and I almost saw the Kyle that is really deep inside of her, sweet and had hurt inside, and not the Kyle from the show!  But I was 180% wrong."

"After her interview, I noticed the air in the room began to change, and Mauricio gave me an odd look from across the room.  The 'Set Up' began and I walked right in on it.  I was going to leave and figured I would be nice and do the right thing, and say 'Goodbye' quickly to Kyle, the Host of the event, and Mauricio."

"There was a group of cameras in front of Kyle and Mauricio, and people with cellphone cameras wanting to see her. When she saw me coming towards her, and of course you can't miss me and my look, and all I said was 'Kyle…' with a smile on my face, she went berserk and made a huge scene and got Mauricio in it."


"All of a sudden, her hands started flailing at me and made loud rude comments about me.  The photogs were like, 'What the hell is going on?'  It was like a scene from one of those tacky reality shows where you would see one of the girls fighting another girl!  Or actually a "Bully" picking a fight at school on recess… and Kyle was The Bully!"

"Of course, Security came and she started pointing at me like I was such a bad person!  Like I said, she obviously has no class, culture, or sophistication, obviously judging by her antics and vocabulary.  I told her I was just leaving and saying goodbye, but she wasn't having it."

"She was also so worried about my getting a pic of her, how silly, but yet she was taking tons and tons of pics! I also found out she had one of her people talking to the videographers to not talk to me and not interview me, after they already did! But you did see Kyle on TV the next day all smiles being interviewed from the event that night, totally not the case in reality!" 

Daniel is shocked by how fast Kyle changed from normal to crazy. 

"Funny how I saw Kyle 'go into character' right before my eyes! I am sure she did all of that for Faye, to show her she's a Faye guard dog." I certainly hope Faye WILL NOT be making an appearances this season as she claimed to be done with the show that made her look bad over and over again. 

Moving on, Daniel expresses his disgust at Kyle's desperate famewhoring. 

"Kyle seems to be striving for attention and 'Star Power' because she must feel like it's something she's never had, the way SHE wanted it, maybe from being in Kim's shadow."

"With Kyle, it also seems she is 'in character' 24 hours. Judging by my run-ins with Kyle, she is lacking that 'class' which she desperately tries to portray, but to me it seems, she hasn't got an ounce."

"Although, considering Faye Resnick is her friend, and I will still ask, 'Why is Faye so important in their lives?' I guess they are made for one another. After all I did for Faye, this is how I am treated by her, and now by her BFF, Kyle!"

Wow! That's quite an account of some low-brow behavior on Kyle's part. Unfortunately the photographs provided by Daniel substantiate that she was rude and abrasive towards him at the event.

Who behaves that way at an event to raise money and awareness for children?! Daniel says Kyle needs a "reality check" and it appears he's totally right! 


All photos below provided to Reality Tea by Daniel DiCriscio from his personal collection. 



Kyle and Daniel getting along initially. 

Daniel DiCriscio_Kyle RichardsUh-oh… somebody is going on Santa's "Naughty List"! 

Daniel and KyleKyle goes into "character"

Kyle and DanielThe Set-Up Begins… 

Kyle_Richards_Daniel_DiCriscioWe all know that when Kyle makes THAT face s#*! is about to go down!

Richards DiCriscio




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