Basketball Wives Recap: Mind The Gap…And Your Manners!

bbw fashion show

London, I wish I could have apologized in advance for sending you the women of Basketball Wives. Oddly enough, Tasha Marbury and Suzie Ketcham manage to play nice, while Tami Roman remains in a zen-like state for the majority of the episode. Shaunie O'Neal seems more into sightseeing with her boy toy than stirring the pot, and Evelyn Lozada is ready to debut her line…because she'd like to see it, too.  Wow, London!  I'd say you lucked out…for now!

The women arrive across the pond, and Evelyn hopes that everyone is excited for her Vida Lux fashion show.  She's a tad nervous though because she hasn't seen the dresses that will be going down the runway.  Check that, she's a tad nervous so she is refusing to look at the dresses beforehand because she doesn't want to get stressed out if they aren't what she'd hoped. Perhaps she and Alexis Bellino should tryout together for the next Project Runway. #designer?? #bwhahaha

Suzie is concerned that the strippers in England aren't getting enough Vitamin C due to the lack of sun exposure. Tasha wonders aloud if Suzie forgot to take her meds the day of the hat swatting. Tasha refuses to acknowledge Suzie but for passive aggressive comments, and Tami wishes (for once) that everyone could just get along.


Nostrils want to get the deets from Tasha on what led up to the swat-down before having the girls up to her suite for dinner.  Shaunie is quick to explain that, for some reason, Suzie feels the need to exert her aggressive Tami-esque side.  When the remaining women arrive, Tami gifts Tasha with the Bugey wine who takes it in stride. Kind of. She isn't going to let these women ruffle her feathers. When Tasha asks for a glass of wine, Suzie obliges, and Tasha thanks her. Not able to leave well enough alone, the ever-mature Suzie responds with a "you're not welcome" and a string of silly, mean-girl comments. At least their shenanigans are keeping Evelyn from worrying about the fact she's yet to see her fashion line!

bbw tami

The next morning, Suzie goes to Tami's room and learns that Tami's daughter Jazz was held up at gunpoint the night before.  While Jazz is thankfully fine, she is very shaken up by what happened.  Tami is convinced that she was set up by her friends. Having gotten no sleep, Tami backs out of their first London Fashion Week show. The women agree that Tami must feel so helpless being so far away from home. The turn of events seem to have put things into perspective for the ladies, and Tasha and Suzie are able to be cordial during the Paul Costelloe show. I covet those coats!

After the show, Suzie checks on Tami who is rested and feeling better. Suzie admits that she feels badly for acting in such a petty manner with Tasha.  She doesn't want to create a negative vibe for the trip. Meanwhile, Evelyn learns that her business partner and the actual designer of her maxi-dress line won't be hopping across the pond for the show.  She is excited that daughter Shaniece will be in attendance as she hopes to make her the face of the brand. The ladies attend another show (I am seriously loving these dresses and missing my Tim Gunn right now!), and one of the poor models takes a spill Carrie Bradshaw style. Yikes!  Afterwards, the women head to dinner where Tami wants to broker a peace deal between Suzie and Tasha. Both women apologize and seem to be sincere, but Evelyn wants to stir the pot just a bit as they try to make amends.  Color me shocked.

bbw ev tasha

The conversation turns to a fan of Stephon's who has been stalking both Tasha and Stephon on social media. Evelyn has done her own research on this creeper, and she's reached out to TMZ and other sites and is also following the other women. The girls urge Tasha to continue to monitor the situation.  The following day, Tami takes Suzie to do some sightseeing for her birthday, and they are both happy that the beef has been squashed with Tasha. Tami reveals that she would love to bring her mom to London, and she shares that she doesn't ask her mother about her diagnosis or how she's feeling. She can't deal with it, and it's too depressing. Uh uh. No way. I can't listen to this mess again without fuming.

Thankfully, Shaunie distracts me by taking boyfriend Marlon for a ride on the London Eye. Did she mention he's afraid of heights? I am too, and I am getting a tad anxious just watching this. It would be so cool to see the city from that vantage point though! Walking around London, Evelyn and Suzie discuss Ev's upcoming show, and Evelyn is beyond nervous. When did Suzie become everyone's favorite confidante?

bbw evelyn fashion show

It's finally time for Evelyn's fashion show, and I'm a bit uneasy given the fact we've had very minimal drama and the episode is almost over. Someone is about to chuck a glass of champagne…I can feel it. Okay, so I was wrong. Evelyn's show goes off without a hitch.  The maxi-dresses are very Evelyn, if that's a thing.  After the models walk the runway, Evelyn announces that the proceeds from her line will go to her new domestic violence charity. I really don't even know how to respond to an hour of these women actually getting along–I'm so confused…but pleasantly surprised?!?


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