The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5

After tonight's premiere episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta (recap coming your way tomorrow!), Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore stopped to chat with Andy Cohen.  

Kandi dished about her lawsuit with Kim Zolciak and her engagement to Todd Tucker.  Kenya also chimed in about her landlord lawsuit, her "maybe" engagement, plastic surgery, how much money she made on "Gone with the Wind Fabulous" and so much more! 

Andy starts off reading a Tweet that NeNe Leakes responded to during tonight's airing of RHOA:. 


Kenya sniped back, "I want a career that happens over time, not just one season."  (referring to Nene's show The New Normal only going one season).


Kandi and Todd (who was the bartender for the night) both admitted they have their work cut out for them when it comes to getting Mama Joyce's mind changed on their engagement and revealed that their new play "A Mother's Love" is based on that very issue. 

The first caller wants to know if Kenya will consider getting a butt x-ray like Kim Kardashian did to prove she doesn't have implants.  Kenya said "that is actually really ridiculous and I think someone who would go to that extent to prove something…like I couldn't care less what people think."

The next caller notes that it seems like Kenya isn't over Walter and asks if she wants him back.  Kenya says she wasn't really into Walter in the first place and that she was more into getting married.  "That was my problem, I was really more focused on marriage and a baby, than Walter."   She says she's still with her African prince.  "I am and I'm very happy".  Andy comments about not seeing a ring and she says "it might be a ring and it might not be", but Andy quickly throws shade because it's a cocktail ring on her middle finger…. Oh Kenya. 

Conversation turns to how much money Kenya made on her song "Gone With the Wind Fabulous".   Kenya says it made a lot of money and it's still coming in.  "I'm making money off the video hits as well as the downloads. It was #34 on the first day we had it out on iTunes". 

Andy reads a fan question, asking Kenya why she always claims that every man hits on her (like the recent Kanye West revelation).  "I don't claim it, if it happens, it happens.  I don't go around saying this one hit on me – it's the truth."

Kandi discusses her lawsuit with Kim Zolciak, confirming that she is re-filing the case in the state court.  "For me it's all about the principle.  It's not even really about the money as it is about the principle." 

Kenya then pipes up to announce that she won her "eviction trial" with her former landlord and that the landlord has to pay her $10,000 for slander.  Andy says "which you're donating to charity, right?".  Keyonce nearly chokes on the nervous laughter. 

When asked if she has had work done on her face she emphatically denies it.  "NO! And Kandi and I were arguing about that the other day because she kept saying I had a nose job".   Kenya swears it's great contouring my her makeup artist.  Kandi even pulled up old Miss WhoSA photos to compare, but Kenya stands firm. 

Did Kenya learn any lessons from last season? "I think definitely this season I have a softer approach."  (Kandi interjects with a "Reallllly?").  She continues, "I'm learning to let down my walls a little bit more so people get to know me because I think last season I may have come across as a one dimensional character. "

Kenya sort of clears up why she didn't RSVP to NeNe's wedding.  Kenya says it's because she didn't want to go, so she feels like if you aren't going, you don't respond.  She and Andy banter about that as Andy tries to teach her that YES, you still respond with a "no".  Kenya is firm that she's right and Andy's wrong on that bit of etiquette. 

Kenya then plays coy about whether she's pregnant or not!  There is no end to this girl's dramatic shenanigans.  And on that's over and we're not tuning in for the aftershow.  An hour and a half of Krayonce in one night is all our brain can take!


Photo by: Wilford Harewood/Bravo


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