Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga book signing events for 'Love Italian Style' are still going on all over New York and New Jersey.  Melissa and her blonde hair hit up New York for some promotion on Sunday.

Joe Gorga tagged along this weekend for Melissa's signing at The Coral House in Baldwin, New York.  Melissa not only posed for pictures with fans, she also had a visit from Jay Gotti (upcoming season of Real World San Francisco) and Jenna Russo (Bad Girls Club Vegas?).

Despite the controversy surrounding her book, Melissa continues to defend it as a loving tome about a happy marriage. One of her followers shared this line from the book: "I told him if he was going to build me a house, I was going to build him a home", and Melissa added to it:  "#LoveItalianStyle if you read, it's a book filled w/love!"


I'm curious to know – has anyone read the book cover to cover? Does it get better than the excerpts we read?  Does it start to flow better than the disjointed intro chapter?

I also want to note that Joe Gorga is looking slimmer than usual, no?  He doesn't seem as "pumped up" in these pics.  Maybe he decided to tone things down a bit with the workouts and bulking up?  I daresay he looks better like this.  What do you think? Is he trimming back on the He-Man workouts at the gym?

So let's dish! Melissa's hair in this blonder shade: love it or hate it? What about her sheer red blouse? Also, Joe Gorga: is he cutting back on the Jersey juicehead physique? 

See the rest of the pics below!


(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)

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