Lisa Vanderpump Discusses Brandi Glanville’s Drunkeness And Her Issues With Kim Richards

Lisa Vanderpump plays host at her restaurant Villa Blanca

This week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we all witnessed a drunk Brandi Glanville continue to fall apart. 

Lisa Vanderpump was accused of being the "vacation police" for confiscating a bottle of wine Brandi was guzzling from. But she also got yelled at by Kim Richards for being dismissive of her. I agree Lisa is kind of flippant where Kim is concerned. In her Bravo blog Lisa recounts the events and explains her behaviors. 

Lisa defended Kyle Richards against Brandi's drunken comments because she knew Kyle was fragile in that moment. "Kyle was not in the frame of mind to defend herself, and I knew I had to say something with out antagonizing her."

"Kyle was emotional that weekend, once again investing in another tabloid story that had reared its ugly head. This one I believed was even more ridiculous. However Kyle always gives them more credence than they deserve, almost engulfing herself in the negative emotion of it all. Ignore it and this too shall pass!"


 Lisa says her approach with Brandi had everything to do with her extreme intoxication. "I, through many years of owning bars and restaurants, am only too well aware that reasoning with somebody who is overly intoxicated is usually pretty redundant. However, as I sat there, I understood that laughing at her ridiculous comments was almost supporting her," Lisa explains.

"So I urged her gently to cease her nonsense. 'Brandi, that's enough. Stop.' A gentle reprimanding tone of voice, telling her she had gone too far. The look I received across the table was far from encouraging. But nonetheless I wanted to convey to her that what she was doing was not OK."

As for taking the bottle from Brandi, Lisa says she was just trying to be a good friend there was no other intention behind it – and certainly no "strategy."

Yolanda Foster and Lisa "were slightly worried that Brandi was possibly gaining momentum on her downward spiral and decided to check up on her," Lisa continues. "Seeing her with the bottle, I knew there was no way on earth I could stand by and watch. I grabbed it and didn't regret it for a second."

"She glared at me, a look similar to the one at the table, resentful at the thought that I was chastising her and remarked that it was strategic. Yes my dear it was. It was a strategy that I have employed on numerous occasions to apprehend a friend making an even bigger ass of herself!"

Lisa, adds, "Because that's what a friend does, they step in when you are in a situation when you might not be using the best judgment."

Lisa believes that weekend is when all the elements began to shift. "When we were having tea the next morning (Yolanda, Brandi, and I), I tried to honestly convey to her that I felt protective of her. All the time we had a friendship I would do the utmost to look out for her. With hindsight. . . maybe I shouldn't have bothered," Lisa recalls.

"It begs the question do we react at risk of jeopardizing a friendship or do we stand by and laugh knowing they will be full of regret later? I felt that weekend was a defining moment in our relationship. I couldn't put my finger on it but I felt something shift."

Regardless of their relationship now, Lisa is still deeply saddened by the loss of Chica. "When I viewed the phone call about Chica, it tore at my heart."

Now onto the drama with Rambles! "When Kim started to pull off her underwear I closed the door, in attempt to preserve her dignity," Lisa says. "I shouldn't have bothered. Suddenly this was about to deteriorate into something else. . .I left."

"I pray. . .not on the weak. . .but I pray often," Lisa states. "Still I cannot fathom the need to drop to your knees in public next to the trash, with a camera crew beside us in a public place, which always creates attention. It is a good example of why I have little understanding of Kim's logic. . .or lack thereof." 

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