Shaunie O’Neal Accuses Shaq Of Holding Her Reality Show “The Shaunie Project” Hostage Out Of Spite; Tried To Blackmail Her!


Shaunie O'Neal and ex-hubby Shaq are battling it out in court over her new reality show 'The Shaunie Project'. 

Shaunie's new show, set to air on VH1, will focus on her life as a mother to her four kids, but there's a snafu: her ex is blocking her attempts to actually feature the kids citing the negative aspects of reality TV.  Quick question: Aren't these particulars you should have ironed out before, you know, inking a deal to do a reality show about your kids? Just wondering… 

Shaunie is trying to convince Shaq (and a judge) that the new venture is just good, wholesome family fun and will feature her doing things like working out with the kids.

Shaq disagrees. Pointing out Basketball Wives as an example, he feels there are too many producer-driven pressures to create drama because drama sells. And he believes the show will go the way of most reality shows and focus on controversy over positivity. 


He also points out Shaunie's false promises about no longer endorsing negativity on BBW and then allowed the fifth season to be filled with fights and cattiness. 3-pointer, Shaq! Shaunie tried to get a judge to overrule her ex-husband, but it didn't happen. 

Well now Shaunie is accusing Shaq of blocking her venture out of spite because he is bitter that his own reality TV aspirations failed! In new legal documents Shaunie filed, which TMZ snagged, she states that Shaq has tried three times to do a reality show with their kids – and all three attempts failed to get picked up! 

A Shaq source emphatically denies this and says, "if a network wanted a reality show … he's way more marketable than her." I have to say, yeah – I agree! 

Shaunie also accuses Shaq of attempting to blackmail her! She accuses him of being fine with the show if she ponied up $1 million in exchange for the kids' participation, but she refused. Again, sources connected with Shaq scoff at this pointing out that he's certainly not hard-up for money. 

Shaunie's documents insists she needs to do the show for money because she does not receive alimony – but she does get $100,000 A MONTH in child support! Um…. <speechless>. And what of all the money she receives for BBW and its franchise BBW: LA?

Shaunie further alleges that Shaq doesn't have a vested interest in the kids and only sees them 8-10 per year so he doesn't really care what they do, but is just trying to ruin her opportunity. Shaq's sources accuse her lying on this point as well, stating he is "plenty" involved and sees them often. 

A hearing was scheduled for next month but Shaunie's show is scheduled to begin filming in January, which is why she was pushing for a judge to make decree sans hearing. 

Well, this is going to get brutal! 

[Photo Credit: Twitter]