Cynthia Bailey Speaks Out On Apollo Nida’s Arrest; Says Peter Was Trying To Break Up Fight On Real Housewives of Atlanta


Cynthia Bailey and La La Anthony were the guests on tonight's Watch What Happens Live.  As you can guess, most of the questions were for Cynthia, not only because of Apollo Nida's arrest bombshell, but also because of tonight's epically crazy episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  

Despite all the attention on RHOA, La La did get a chance to plug her new book, "The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness", which is releasing on Tuesday.  I love La La and felt a little bad for her that most of her camera time was spent playing a game filled with questions about the Kardashians, since La La is good friends with Kim.  I think La La's plenty interesting on her own, Andy.  To her credit, she was a good sport about it.

Andy jumps right in to chat about the shocking arrest of Apollo and asks Cynthia if she has spoken to Phaedra and/or Apollo, "Not a whole lot.  I mean, I read about it as well. I don't like to call people when I hear bad news. I like to call people when I hear good news.  I think Peter did speak to Apollo earlier today and he said they were taking care of things. Hopefully everything will work out. "


Andy asks if there's anything she wants to say or clear up about tonight's show and the insane brawl that went down. "First, I want to apologize on behalf of the whole cast tonight, because it was REALLY hard to watch this fight tonight.  We've been on the show for four years and never in the history of the whole show has anyone on the show laid hands on each other. It was really difficult to watch.  I didn't like it.  We were having a really great time up until the fight. It was really a lot of fun.  I don't want to get into who started it and all that stuff.  But you can ask me anything.  I felt like once, and I don't want to blame everything on Kenya, but once she got up, then that made Brandon get up and once Brandon got up and Chris was already up asking his questions.  So then people just started getting up.  And before everyone was asked a lot of really touchy questions and no one got up.  We kinda laughed it off.  You know, Kandi called Peter out about his lap dancers thing at the strip club and I didn't get up and be like 'my man ain't getting lap dances'.  Everybody just kinda rolled with it.  But I think when people started getting up, it started getting real aggressive."

Andy says, "You wanted to say something about Peter?" Cynthia nods, "Yes, I looked at the tape and I was there, I was surprised that it looked like Peter was a big part of the fight and he wasn't.  Like one of the things that Peter was very instrumental in doing is actually breaking up the fight!  He was trying to keep Brandon down because Brandon was trying to get to Christopher and then we thought Apollo jumped in to help and then it just ended up going crazy. "

Andy shares that many people thought NeNe instigated the entire thing. Cynthia responded, "Well, i mean, the show looked like that.  And it's what really happened.  The whole pillow talk thing was supposed to be for putting everything on the table because we all have a lot of issues in the group and that was just a great opportunity to do it.  And it was going fine until the fighting started." 

And because you know you were curious, a caller asked for an update on Cynthia and Peter's sex life.  She shared, "Our sex life is a lot better than it was before my surgery.  Things are definitely better and I'm working towards it being on the level of La La and Carmelo". 


Photo Credit: Twitter