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Lisa Vanderpump and Jax Taylor were Andy's guests tonight on Watch What Happens Live.  Jax shared that this was his first time watching the explosive season finale of Vanderpump Rules and he finally feels some remorse for sleeping with his best friend's girl. 

Lisa shared her take on tonight's episode, "I found it so disconcerting.  I'm so upset with him still. "  Andy asks if there's anything that he did or said that irritated her on tonight's episode, "Everything he said really pissed me off but the one thing is when he said 'you came twice sweetheart' to Kristen." Lisa proceeded to smash a breakaway bottle over Jax's head (Andy provided her with a box of them..).  "No remorse.  That's what I'm saying."

Jax shared that he DOES feel bad NOW.  "We watched the episode together and after seeing it and watching myself on there, it was hard to watch.  I really feel like a piece of shit."


Lisa isn't buying it and chimed in "only because you look bad, not because of what you've done. Sorry.  Just saying that I don't think there's remorse."   Jax argued, "I'm not going back to the whole story again, but I was a pretty selfish person and going back to the whole Stassi thing and I didn't care about anybody. I didn't care who I hurt or what I did. I was just pleasing myself and I lost a friend out of it. "

As her employer, is Lisa shocked to see how easy it was for Kristen to lie? "I have to be honest.  I'm the only person who knew about this for a year. I knew if it ever came out, it would be so explosive and there'd be so many ramifications, though I was always kind of hoping they'd just sort of carry on lying." 

Jax on why he slept with Kristen and lied about it for so long.  "I've told this story so many times.  I don't have any excuses.  Obviously it was the wrong thing to do.  I lost my friend of ten years over this.  I was going through a bad time, I was being selfish. It was a bad move.   It didn't really hit me until I watched the episode.  Now that I've watched it and I've seen this, I'm just like.. I think I'm a douchebag.  I did a really bad thing."  Andy asks skeptically, "it didn't hit you until you watched the episode??"  and Jax replies "until I watched myself on TV, it just took a little longer.  You want me to tell you how I really feel, this is it.  I ruined a really good thing." 

Tom Sandoval calls in to the show and Andy asks what he wants to say.  "I want to say hi to Lisa and ask Jax how it feels to be the most loved man in America right now."  Jax got flustered, and says "no, definitely not loved, hated. And after watching that episode, you and I have some talking to do, more one-on-one I think. We'll save that for another day, but I hope all is good over there." 

Andy then lets Tom know that Jax hadn't watched the episodes before the reunion was filmed last week, but now he has and feels bad.  Andy asks Tom if he buys that Jax needed to see the episodes to feel any remorse.  Tom says, "No, I don't.  And I think maybe Lisa probably did some talking to Jax and said 'hey listen, you're gonna look like an ass' maybe say that."  Lisa tells Tom, "no, he's on his own in this one.  You saw it at the reunion.  'I was like do you feel remorse? I wanna see it if you feel it'". 

Jax says "at the end of the day, I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do. Obviously you know that. I am who I am.  It really did, it took watching myself and having to see myself on TV and actually do the things I did to Tom.  To watch myself."  Tom says "the whole season you made it pretty much your job to throw me under the bus and you know I have like all this dirt, stuff that I know about you."  Andy pipes up, eyes a-glitter, "there's worse stuff?!"  Tom continued, "didn't that ever cross your mind when you were throwing me under the bus? I'm curious to as to if you want to answer that. Why did you move from Miami to L.A. and change your name from Jason to Jax." 

Jax gets visibly irritated and says "is this one of your Kristen talks? Hang up the phone, can we hang up the phone?" 

Andy has to cut Tom off and then reiterates that we'll find out more at the reunion, which starts airing next week.  He did ask Tom if he regrets punching Jax? And Tom says no.  He also shares that he let Jax off easy because he only smashed him in the forehead and didn't break his nose or stomp on him on the ground, etc. 


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