Brandi Glanville Says Kyle Richards Told Her Lisa Vanderpump Filed For Bankruptcy! Kyle Responds


Well that was fast!

Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards bonded over how much Lisa Vanderpump is a manipulative wench out to destroy people. Oh wait… that's probably actually Kyle, because according to Brandi KYLE is the one spreading rumors that Lisa was a bankrupt former Valley girl! Oh good gravy…can Brandi ever accept accountability for her actions? 

Dishing to E! News about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, her tempestuous falling out with Lisa, and how she knows about Lisa's so-called finances, Brandi says it's all Kyle's fault! 

"The one thing I do want to clear up is that I don't know if Lisa and Ken lived in Calabasas and filed for bankruptcy," Brandi backtracks. "Kyle Richards told me, I looked it up and on this site where you pay $9.99 it said yes, they lived off Mulholland drive in Calabasas." Oh this is TOO funny!


"How do I know if they filed for bankruptcy? Kyle Richards said Ken and Lisa were going to file for bankruptcy and lived in Calabasas. It's something I repeated, but if they say it's not true, it's probably not true. I don't know it for a fact. It's something Kyle told me and I repeated it. I just don't understand why Ken and Lisa care so much." What was Brandi saying about Lisa manipulated her by forcing her to repeat information about other people? Oh well Kyle did that too! 

Brandi admits that after all the bashing and rumor mongering and how upset Lisa and Ken Todd are over their financial status being defamed she's not sure they'll ever mend their friendship. 

"Right now, I don't know. They're so upset over this bankruptcy stuff. Things are always changing. But she has a place in my heart, for sure," Brandi insists. 

"I think they're really upset about the bankruptcy thing, but I was just repeating something Kyle had told me. Even if they did file, is that a bad thing? Who cares? A lot of people do it. I hope they never did, but if they did, who cares? I love Lisa, but we have our issues. And you will see them on the reunion," Brandi adds. Umm… YES – even if they did file, but then mended their finances and paid everyone back – fine, HOWEVER you, Brandi, are the one who originally made the statements to bash and defame Lisa by accusing her of living a lie. 

So anyway, now Kyle is denying that she ever said that. "For the record @ENews I never said Lisa filed for bankruptcy," Kyle tweeted. Kyle clarified on FB that Ken himself admitted they once lived in Calabasas (aka Kalatrashass) but there was never a mention of bankruptcy. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 3.31.18 PM

Lisa tweeted that she brought up the bankruptcy rumors at the reunion so everything can be clarified. And she's also tired of the lies and friendship betrayals. 

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Finally Brandi wants us all to be nice to Kyle and wait for the reunion. "Lets all stop bashing @KyleRichards18 and watch the reunion as it all gets addressed on"the couch" #ouch :)" she tweeted.

Well, maybe you shouldn't have put Kyle in a position to be bashed, Brandi – I mean what kind of 'girls girl' would do a thing like that?! But something tells me Brandi needs to learn the definition of the word "friend."

Finally, Brandi reveals that although the reunion was emotional everyone kept it in check for the most part. "No one stormed off. There were tears, there was yelling. But no one stormed off. I sat on a couch for 12 hours. I didn't go anywhere," she clarified to E! I wish she'd go somewhere now – like off my TV! 

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