Stassi Schroeder Moves To NYC – Will She Return To SUR? Explains Her Relationship Status With Kristen

stassi schroeder

After tonight's reunion episode of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder stopped by Watch What Happens Live to dish on her future.  

Stassi explains her plans for any possible return if there is a season 3 of the show, "I've moved to New York.  I've been blogging for other sites and now I've been developing my own. I'm really excited about that.  I'm working with different accessory and jewelry brands with styling.  And that's where I'm at. I'm not gonna go waitress again.  I'm kind of just doing me and doing what makes me happy. " 

When she doesn't really answer about returning to the show, Andy says, "I hope we can figure out a way to see you back there somehow".


On her current relationship status with Kristen Doute:  "We don't have a relationship.  I've forgiven her but it doesn't mean I want to be friends again. I wish her the best."

Stassi's take on the fight with Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville: "I've been seeing Tweets and stuff like that but I kind of don't really get what's going on.  I saw that Tom and Sheana were just like really terrorizing Brandi on Twitter for a joke that she made here?"  Andy explained, "oh she said your show was scripted".  Stassi said, "Which, i thought it was a joke.  Did she really mean that?" 

Andy says "I think she may have been serious."  Stassi says Brandi knows that's not true.  "It's obviously not scripted.  She knows how this works.  I would hope that that was a joke. There's so much hatred and negativity going on Twitter right now I've just been staying away.  It's scary. " 

Why did Stassi feel it was her place to get so involved in Tom and Kristen's relationship?  "I had been having everyone come to me and asking "did this happen?" It wasn't just me – Katie, Sheana, me.  We were all trying to figure out what was going on because Kristen was always so upset." 

Andy explains that he thinks everyone at SUR finds a way to make anything all about themselves – a sort of victim mentality.  Stassi says she won't deny that. 

Does Lisa favor Stassi?  "She's kinda been over Kristen.  They've always had a kind of weird dynamic.  But she was hard on me at the reunion.  I respect her a lot and i hope she feels the same way so she's definitely very mothering to me but she's hard on me." 


Photo Credit: Twitter