Carlton Gebbia And Joyce Giraud Fired From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills? Mohamed Hadid’s Fiance Shiva Safai To Join?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 4

Oh man… there's nothing like a Real Housewives casting rumor! As each season ends the interwebs erupt with theories and reports about who is in and who is out. There's already a rumor that this is Kim Richards' final season and that seems pretty legit given that she's been a walking disaster seasons 1 – 4, but she's also reportedly one of Bravo's favorites, so… 

However Joyce Giraud and Snarlton Gebbia are also rumored to be saying goodbye to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bravo has been struggling to attract super-wealthy glamorous women for the past couple seasons, but they're also looking for ladies that amp the excitement factor. Apparently newbies Joyce and Carlton just aren't doing that. 


Sources tell TMZ there is a 95% chance Joyce and Carlton will not be asked to return. Apparently they lack chemistry with their castmates. Wait… have the producers been watching Brandi Glanville and Carlton together? Oh, I guess they don't want that type of chemistry! 

Unfortunately Joyce and Carlton are "just not involved enough in the series' story lines." And they were major duds at the reunion. With the source describing them as "clearly outsiders." As a result producers are "already on the hunt for replacements."

As for Joyce and Snarlton's feelings about being let go, surprisingly Carlton wants to stay and said she'd love to return for season 5! HUH!? Maybe Kyle is getting fired or something… 

Joyce, on the other hand, claims she herself may decide to leave the show because of certain castmembers treatment of her (ahem… Brandi). Joyce also maintains that she will not compromise her principals for a TV show, which is refreshing. "I have a great life regardless of the show," Joyce says flippantly. 

"I don't listen to rumors," she redirects TMZ. "The reunion is gonna be really explosive." Also Joyce quickly dispels rumors that she doesn't jive. "I jive fantastic with some of them, but I don't jive with backstabbers." And she makes one thing very clear, "I'm never gonna compromise my integrity or who I am just for a show or for ratings."

Personally I don't see Joyce getting the ax – she has definitely been a lightening rod for controversy this season and she's very outspoken. We'll see though! 

So with all these vacant spots, who is going to fill them? One name being tossed in the ring is Mohamed Hadid's fiance, the gorgeous Shiva Safai

“Both Lisa and Yolanda are telling Shiva she needs to join the cast and they want her to appear on the next season,” a source shares with Radar Online. 

"Shiva is not only gorgeous, but she is a true class act. Everyone loves her. In fact, despite being divorced from Mohamed, Yolanda encouraged him to marry Shiva." Yolanda isn't the only one who adores Shiva, though! Lisa would love to have Shiva on the show because they are friends, and as viewers know, she isn’t popular with other ladies and could use another ally!”

In response to this week's gang-up-on-Lisa episode, Mohamed got on twitter to voice his support for his good friend Lisa! However, when it comes to Shiva joining RHOBH, Mohamed (who has appeared on multiple Bravo shows) is leaving it entirely up to her. Mohamed told Shiva "to do the show, only if she wants to," the source says. "She is such a nice lady, she might not have what it takes to deal with all of the drama and backstabbing."

No, Shiva – keep your pretty nose out of this mess. Unless of course Bravo is serious about their intention to class up this mess! Some photos of Shiva are below. 

[Photo Credits: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo & Instagram]






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