When Kim Zolciak was a guest on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week we noted that she was very reserved and not her normal sass-talking self.  Don't worry, this is not a new, mellow version of Kim that we're seeing.  It turns out she just had a lot on her mind…like rough and tumble little boys!

Kim took to Instagram to share this photo of her son KJ, who broke his leg right before she had to leave for NYC! 


Kim shared, "It was very hard for me to focus on WWHL because the day before my little guy KJ broke his leg! I was worried sick! Took the latest flight I could to make it on time and the 1st flight out Monday.  He is a trooper though! Soooo to answer your question THIS is why I was "a little quiet.""   Aww poor guy! 

We'd like to formally request a do-over for Kim on WWHL.  Thoughts on who they should pair her with? NeNe?

I really want these two to keep making babies – they're alllll so damn cuuuute! 

Photo Credit: Kim's Instagram


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