We were so excited about Kim Zolciak hanging out in the clubhouse tonight on Watch What Happens Live.  We thought maybe she would be announcing a new season of Don't Be Tardy.  Then we secretly hoped she was going to announce her return to Real Housewives of Atlanta for next season.  And one of us may or may not have thought she was going to announce another pregnancy.  Sadly, none of the above happened!  But she did look good (and I'm not usually dazzled by blingy shoes, but hers were seriously cute), so there's that. 

Kim sat down to chat with Andy, along with former Housewife Sheree Whitfield. Andy started right off by asking if they were glad that they didn't have to intermingle with the likes of Kenya Moore.  Sheree says "I don't think she's that bad, I think she's good for the show. I will say it's better to watch the trainwreck than to be part of it." 

Andy had to ask about the status of She by Sheree: "I have some jewelry but I also have some T-shirts that are still selling, but right now I'm kind of working on a fitness DVD. I actually just taped it about a week ago. I'm really excited about it.  That's always been my plan."


Chateau Sheree update:  "Andy, you didn't see it on MTV cribs?  The land was on MTV Cribs."  But that's all she says.  She also shares that she's currently single. 

A caller asks how Kim and Sheree feel about the new Housewives not challenging NeNe Leakes the way they used to when they were on the show.  Sheree says, "I've only caught a couple of episodes and I thought it was kind of bad.  It was not good that these women they are just kind of letting her talk to them any kind of way."  Do you think it's because you had a ten year friendship with NeNe?  "I think NeNe kind of knows who to challenge.  I did watch the episode with Marlo."  Kim chimed in, "I think because we have history with NeNe she tends to get us madder than the normal person, maybe." 

Next NeNe calls in from L.A.  She shared that she's super nervous about dancing live tomorrow night on Dancing with the Stars.  NeNe revealed that she's opening the show.  So, she'll be the first dancer on the stage and is doing the cha cha.  Kim and Sheree both gave her some encouragement and said she'll do great because of her long legs and love of dancing. 

Andy asks if NeNe misses anything about being on the show with Kim and Sheree? "I miss them being on the show, we may have had a rollercoaster ride, but we are the original girls, we started this together. Yeah, I miss fighting with them every now and again." 

Andy showed some clips of Sheree and Kim fighting with NeNe from the early seasons.  They played some games. It was a really mellow show tonight. Kim and Sheree were both really reserved – even on the after show! 

Kim shared that she's happy to not have to leave her house as much as she did when she had to film for RHOA.  Sheree admits that she misses the camaraderie.  

Kim confirms that she's done having babies.  She also shares that her friendship with Kandi is definitely over.  And  Kim tells a caller that she has not talked with her mom. nor her dad since their falling out.

When Andy asked Sheree about her experience filming her episode of Iyanla Fix My Life, she says "Everybody has their way of teaching and I didn't really agree with her way."  She shared that some good DID come from the show, as Bob stepped up a little and started seeing the kids more.  She says that they only shot with Iyanla for two days, "two LONG days." 

And that was it.  A mellow and reserved stroll down memory lane.  That's how I would sum up tonight's show. 


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