Sonja Morgan & Aviva Drescher RHONY S6 Premiere

Is Aviva Drescher pleading the insanity defense?

After a traumatic couple of episodes battling over bookgate on Real Housewives of New York – and whether or not Carole Radziwill is a fraud or a well-wisher – Sonja Morgan has decided to take up for poor Aviva. She is a victim of being "verbally raped", you know. 

Interestingly Sonja defends Avicious MeViva on the case that she's clearly a crazy person of unsound mental standing and therefore we should all be more patient, nice, and sympathetic to her plight. Sonja – really? Try again. Although, yes, Aviva is crazy.

"Everyone really seems to have ganged up on Aviva who is, in my eyes, in a fragile mental and health state," Sonja writes in her Bravo blog.


"Is it just me or it shows as well?!?  She's getting thinner, paler, and forget a ghostwriter — she looks like Casper the ghost herself!" Yeah – the toll of perpetuating a lie against a major publishing house legally making you liable for slander could make anyone a bit gaunt! 

Sonja believes Carole isn't so much upset about Aviva's accusation, but about Aviva's in general mistreatment of others. Well when someone shows themselves to you, believe them the first time #MayaAngelo 

"Really, what came out in front of Lu's kitchen when I blurted my say to Carole is that Carole is holding a grudge against Aviva for her behavior towards Ramona and I last season in St Barth's. But the punishment for that crime is delayed! #Ramonja is already moving on. But unfortunately Carole and Heather [Thomson] were the last to figure out what was going on back then — and now they want to vent," Sonja believes.  

Sonja continues, "You can't say Ramona and I didn't lash out in retaliation towards Aviva back then. We were knee deep in that cow dunk and shoveled it right out the barn door. Looks like Heather wants to do the same with some s— kicking heels."

Apparently life is much harder for Aviva than she lets on. "Aviva puts on a brave face, but she had a hard time getting up those stairs for arts and crafts. I noticed." Then why did she move into a two-story apartment WITH stairs? "There are a lot of things she can't do with a prosthetic that she doesn't admit or talk about," Sonja explains.

"This is the first time we really see Reid's intimate side with Aviva. I know I joshed him into wearing a wedding ring, but this is more serious stuff. He HAS stood by Aviva. It takes a lot of strength to go back to the scene of the accident — and it's important that she does."

Well, I commend Sonja for her ability to forgive, however I wouldn't trust Aviva as far as I could throw her – or her leg. 

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