The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 6

I'm not going to lie, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the previews for next week's Real Housewives of New York with Aviva Drescher telling Heather Thompson that she felt raped by the way Heather had treated her. To say I was appalled was an understatement. Imagine how horrified I was to watch Aviva on Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live, and, when questioned about her accusations by a caller, she said it was no bigger deal than to have people make fun of her prosthetic leg. Even Andy Cohen looked like he wanted to crawl in a hole! I'm going to go out on a "limb" here, but likening your hurt feelings to being raped is absolutely disgusting and is in no way comparable to someone making fun of a fake leg–and I wanted to tweet that to Aviva, but I was too much of a chicken. 😉

Anyway {steps off of soapbox}, I am happy to holla' with Heather as she schools the Vassar grad in all things Webster's in her Bravo blog. Heather also calls out RHONY's version of the Jersey Kims, beginning, "Bye Mindy. Or was it Amanda or maybe better Minion? I just don't understand why this woman has so many opinions about people she doesn't even know — but I wish she would stop sharing them because we just don't care. (She was so annoying that Jon actually thought she might push me too far and stepped in, just in case. But, she didn't. I kept my cool and I would never hit someone — especially a someone who can't even stand up straight.) Reid has her back, so maybe he can walk his dear friend to her car while his lovely wife Aviva threatens to 'Defame me.' Yep, next in line. I actually think the two of them plan this stuff."


Channeling in her inner Oxford, Heather writes, "The dictionary definition of defame: Defame: verb (used with object) [de-famed, de-fam-ing.] 1. to attack the good name or reputation of, as by uttering or publishing maliciously or falsely anything injurious; slander or libel; calumniate: The newspaper editorial defamed the politician. 2. to disgrace; bring dishonor upon. 3. to accuse."

She continues, "Aviva, the typical elitist, is unwilling to take responsibility for her actions against others. Her character assassinations of the Housewives, her false accusations against Carole [Radziwell], and now her threat to do the same to me (which she follows through on in her blog last week touting me as a knock-off pusher) were first enraging (unfortunately you see just how enraged I am), but now looking back she's just making pitiful attempts at her own relevance and it's very sad."

While I've found Aviva annoying in the past, I've never really taken issue with her. However, this season I'm seeing a very unattractive and petty side to her. It seems that Heather and I are in agreement. She explains, "Aviva says whatever she needs to in order to garner attention, gain sympathy, and sway people to her side and the truth be damned in her process. Attempting to and threatening to defame any accomplished fellow Housewife in my opinion is disgraceful, and it does you, the viewers, a profound disservice,"adding, "I am gobsmacked that she's actually going through with this bull—-story and I'm the sitting duck because I don't agree with what she's done. Predictable. And although I'm not proud that I let her make me so damn mad, in this situation, a good motherf—er (uh, Sonja [Morgan] was there so I'm not sure why AD felt she needed the recap, but okay), or a good f—er-f—er, is in order."

Heather finishes her blog on a positive note, sharing how much fun she had with her mermaid pals on Coney Island. She concludes, "The Mermaid Parade was a riot and I am sorry I missed riding on the float, but I was at my high school alma mater delivering the keynote to the class of 2013! I couldn't be in two places at once, but I also couldn't let all of my 'mermaid couture' go to waste or miss Carole’s big day! So I hopped in a car service after my speech, (Congrats again Taconic Hills High School class of 2013 and sorry I had to fly!) and changed into a mermaid on the Taconic State Parkway (wig and all!), while en route to Coney Island and I made it! Just in time to join the girls on the beach to celebrate Carole's and true friendship. I am looking very forward to sharing some fun moments with you all next week and hope to leave behind the terribly upsetting conflict that's ensued but you will have to tune in to see what's next!"

And tune in, we will!


[Photo Credit: Michael Lavine/Bravo]