Southern Charm Recap: The Pregnancy Pact; Plus, Details On Cameran Eubanks Wedding!

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Before we start off with the recap, I'd like to congratulate Cameran Eubanks on her wedding this past weekend. My friend said it was a beautiful event–incredibly classy, but not the least bit pretentious, which is the impression I think we all get from the Southern Charm star. Guests feasted on barbeque and fried chicken while dancing outside at a plantation about an hour outside of Charleston. Cameran's dress was gorgeous, and my friend managed to snap a picture with Whitney Sudler-Smith. She said she didn't want to give Shep Rose the satisfaction of asking. As for Thomas Ravenel? Apparently T-Rav, Kathryn Dennis, and new daughter Kensington are now living in Florida so they were not in attendance. So, I guess he won't be throwing his name in the hat for the Senate race? Thanks for taking one for the team, Florida! 

Last night's episode had the gang heading out to Shep's family farm for some hunting and man time. Something tells me these folks shouldn't have access to firearms and Fireball at the same time. The show begins where last week's ended…with Kathryn storming out because T-Rav wouldn't defend her to Craig. J.D., Shep, and Danni are the only guests left, and Shep is dumbfounded that Craig (who is nuttier than a fruitcake in his opinion) would bring such drama to the meal. T-Rav then enlightens us as to the difference between people from the North and those from the South. Southerners will sleep around as much as they damn well please, but they would never talk about it at a dinner party! Danni explains to Thomas that Kathryn is hurt he didn't defend her honor. Luckily for T-Rav (and for anyone driving around South of Broad on the evening in question), a wasted Kathryn doesn't get far as her car has been towed. She sulks back into what's left of the party for more vino.


Shep can't handle a pouty Kathryn, and he's glad that she's got him beat as he only slept with two people at the dinner table. As Danni and Shep engage in cell phone PDA, Thomas opines about the double standard of men being heroes when they bed the masses while women are labeled "whores." It's the one intelligent thing he's said all season!  Bravo, Bravo!  Craig is hanging out at Beer Works (I'm ashamed of how much of my bank account went there while in school), when Shep joins him for a heart-to-heart. Craig doesn't feel badly for his actions, but Shep wasn't too keen on being called out at the table. Craig doesn't technically know if Kathryn slept with Whitney, but he heard from a friend that the pair were seen leaving Republic together late night. Given that's how Shep ended up with her, Shep now believes that Craig is speaking the truth. These guys are such dolts.

After the crazy night, T-Rav and Kathryn are drinking their breakfast while walking along the Battery. Thomas apologizes for being too shocked to stick up for her to Craig. She slurs that there is no third guy…she wasn't raised a liar. Kathryn thinks that Craig is just bitter because she thwarted his advances, and she promises that she's not with Thomas for his money or name. Across the peninsula, Craig tries to convince Shep that Kathryn is not using T-Rav for his money, but rather to get to hang out with their inner circle (and all this time, I thought she wanted to be on television…but no, she just wanted to drink with Craig and crew on Upper King. Silly me). Said inner circle is heading to Boykin, South Carolina for a weekend in the country. It will be great hunting and laid back fun. Shep doesn't want any uppity shiz to happen while the gang is out in the sticks. Besides, Shep thinks she's just a young, dumb girl, and he hopes that T-rathryn won't bring any Rhett and Scarlett drama to his hunting weekend. 

Kathryn has practically moved in with Thomas, and he's clearly smitten…he's come a long way in six episodes. Thomas is a bit nervous about meeting her family, but he'll be okay if he can numb his fears with a little scotch. Unfortunately for T-Rav, because Kathryn's great grandfather was a Senator who was killed "by Al Capone's peeps" over alcohol, her family doesn't partake. Perhaps she missed the memo…Thomas jokes (but not really) about packing a flask, but Kathryn assures him he won't need it. Her folks will love him! After all they've know who he is, how old he is, and that Kathryn thought she was preggo, and they still want him to come to dinner! When T-Rav asks Kathryn's mother's response to the pregnancy scare, she responds that her mom thinks she needs to be taking pre-natal vitamins (and maybe not drinking the entire Prohibition cocktail menu) if she wants to try to have a baby.

Cameran is on the lookout for a stabbin' cabin for Whitney, and she's showing him a pretty stellar downtown property. It's fully furnished, but the furniture is so Restoration Hardware that Whitney may have the vapors. Everyone knows that Restoration Hardware is the Ann Taylor Loft of furniture. However, on the flip side, there are lots of opportunities for pole dancing on the railings. Thankfully for Cameran, Whitney can refurnish the digs so he's all in. Commission? Check! Cameran suggests a rooftop party for the 4th of July to celebrate. T-Rav has put a bad taste in Whitney's mouth as far as parties are concerned. He is still licking his wounds from Thomas' "talk" at the dinner party when all he wants to do is look out for his friend. Cameran brings up Craig's comment, and Whitney has absolutely no poker face. He tries to say he missed the situation because he wasn't paying attention. He has no clue about what Craig was claiming. Sure. 

On the way to meet her family, Kathryn explains that she's never introduced a boy man to her parents and grandmother at the same time. She is only twenty-one though. Thomas' nerves are compounded when he realizes that Kathryn's dad isn't much older than he is. Funny how math works…The family sits down to dinner and sings their family prayer, followed by a history lesson courtesy of Mr. Dennis on the family property. Kathryn's mother inquires as to how the pair's summer has been, and Kathryn coyly responds  they're "just living life." She doesn't have plans to return to Moncks Corner any time soon. Kathryn's father takes T-Rav aside, and the men have a wonderful conversation. Mr. Dennis isn't concerned about the age difference as he had an aunt who married someone forty years her senior. Only in the South would a father hearing his daughter was "from good stock" be considered a compliment. I think T-Rav and Kathryn's daddy may become besties. 

Whitney is clearly his mother's son as he's quite the gun collector. Shep, T-Rav, and Whitney are riding together to Boykin, and this is the biggest bunch of misfit hunters I've ever seen. J.D. and Craig will be joining them later as they both have to (gasp!) work. Shep's talking heads are getting goofier by the minute, and he proudly proclaims the land has been in his family for as long as the United States has been in existence. I must say that the family's hunting cabin from the 1800's is pretty awesome. 

Heading to Boykin after work, Craig is totally drinking a roadie in the car. I hope the folks in charge of the Character and Fitness portion of the Bar aren't watching.  It's not what you do, it's what you get caught doing, right? At the cabin, T-Rav declares he's never had Wal-Mart wine before. He makes a face and sniffs the cork of Josh wine…the same bottle I am having a glass of as I type. I am not even kidding or exaggerating for the sake of the blog…and hey, the bottle was like $14!  That's high end for this gal. The "workers" arrive just in time for some of Shep's spaghetti while Craig plays with weapons. T-Rav will be sleeping through the boys' hunting expedition as he faces fifteen years if he handles a firearm after his felony conviction. Over the 'sketti, the guys talk about girls, and Craig promises to be on his best behavior when the ladies arrive the following day. 

Shep is like a kid on Christmas morning when it comes time to track wild boar. Craig clearly didn't pack for hunting as he's wearing a sorority t-shirt. Dude, you're almost thirty! Somewhere, a married ADPi is laughing that her formal shirt is making its cable debut. Lion love! Whitney is impressed at how respectful and calm Shep is around the hunt master (and his dad's cousin) Alan Wooten. Alan is a man of few words, and I'd really like to set him up with Patricia. Meanwhile, Danni, Cameran, Jenna King, and Kathryn are carpooling to the farm. Before picking up the newbie, the girls dish on Kathryn already living with T-Rav. On the way to Boykin, the girls grill Kathryn about her relationship with T-Rav. She thinks she may marry him one day. God love Cameran…she inquires as to whether Kathryn allows T-Rav's fish to swim in her lady pond. Kathryn smugly replies yes,sharing that if she gets pregnant, Thomas will marry her immediately (um…maybe not immediately…). Cameran and Jenna give great eye rolls as Cam tells Kathryn she needs to get some Yaz stat. Kathryn changes the subject by making sure that Danni isn't uncomfortable about the fact that she "had a fling" with Shep. Danni isn't concerned…her connection with Shep is more intellectual. Sadly, I think the dig is over Kathryn's head.  

Much like common sense and day jobs, wild hogs have eluded the guys, and they return to the cabin empty handed. The girls arrive, and Kathryn pulls T-Rav aside. Craig reminds Jenna that all of his predictions have come true as Kathryn has already moved all of her things into T-Rav's home. Shep is just glad that no one is fighting, and he introduces his friends to the farm's caretaker Robert Ed. He's cooked an amazing looking pig with some fabulous sides. Shep respectfully asks him to say a prayer, and I must say, this farm brings out a likeable side to ol' Shep. The dinner is sufficiently awkward as Whitney is terribly on edge. To escape the mosquitos, most of the crew heads inside. Kathryn braves the bugs for a cigarette. No matter how much T-Rav once liked the smell of cocaine, Kathryn is his drug now. He is so cheesy….and she should really quit smoking if she's trying to get knocked up by Thomas.

Craig joins the ladies for some girl talk, and Cameran reveals that Kathryn told them she wants to have a baby, like yesterday. Danni adds that Kathryn is totally enamored with T-Rav. Craig wants to know what planet these people are living on…can't they see Kathryn's plan? I think Cameran and Jenna can, but why get caught up in the drama when Craig will clearly be vocal enough for all of them? As night falls, T-Rav and Kathryn are professing their love for one another. As they slip off to bed, Whitney pulls Thomas aside for a chat. He wants the best for his friend, and he feels guilty about hooking up with Kathryn. Whitney comes clean to his pal about his night with T-Rav's lady love, but we all know that T-Rav can't quit Kathryn. Geez.


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Here's my wonderful friend taking one for the team and posing with WSS at Cameran's reception!