Vicki Gunvalson Dumped Brooks Ayers; Now Dating Successful Attorney John Pankauski!

VIcki Gunvalson New Boyfriend John

So either Vicki Gunvalson has finally come to her senses and ditched Brooks Ayers or this is just another dysfunctional detour in their on-again/off-again relationship. Let's hope it's the former! 

According to sources at Radar Online, the Real Housewives of Orange County star has definitely dumped Brooks and is now seeing attorney (and non-grifter) John Pankauski. Can I get a "Woo Hoo!" 

Vicki met John during a trip to NYC and the two hit it off immediately! “Vicki met John when he was meeting with her production company Woo Hoo in April and she had dinner with him and brought him to a Watch What Happens Live taping,” an insider dishes. Wait – VICKI owns a production company now? Oh lord. "There are sparks flying between them," the source adds. 


The source reveals that although John is working on a "few business projects" with Vicki, he is definitely successful in his own right and has no interest in her money!

John comes from the New England area and he moved to Palm Beach about 15 years ago,” a source explains. “He built a multi-million dollar law firm which he owns – and has a winery in Napa Valley.” Um – yes, he is the perfect match for Vicki: wine + money + work, work, work = true love! 

And apparently that initial meeting took place when JOHN hired Vicki's production company – because of course, he has reality TV aspirations of his own! "John has asked Woo Hoo to film the promo for his law firm – and a reel for a potential new TV show, in which John would star and Vicki would be the Executive Producer and Woo Hoo is pitching two television shows that Vicki owns.”

However things then got personal. The two have been spending time together and hitting it off. They were recently spotted together at Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, and at Kim Vo salon (love her products!) where Vicki was getting her hair done for a Diamonds by Vicki photo shoot. 

In fact, John is also going to be Vicki's date when she travels to Phoenix, AZ next week for the Women's Expo. Well, only time will tell what kind of man John is but he already sounds a lot better than Brooks! Let's hope this time the two have broken it off for good – maybe we should all send Vicki some affirmations and greeting cards about it. 

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