Teresa & Dina At A Goddess Party

Real Housewives of New Jersey will be upon us any day now. Which means Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga's will be bitching and bickering on our television screens for the millionth time. Or will they?

If twitter is an indicator of fact, the sisters-in-law have laid their battle axes down and are at least getting along-ish for the children. Our source confirms the SIL at war storyline is all but dead. Thank you Jesus! "Season 6 of RHONJ is nothing like the past few seasons," our source assures us!

"Teresa and Melissa were forced to play nice. Off camera, they have NO relationship. The kids do see each other and have interaction. But, that is about it," our source adds.


"Teresa and Melissa do not hang out, they are not close, Teresa's parents are still at odds with Joey and Melissa. That has all remained the same." Here's the thing: that's fine. Sisters-in-laws do not have to be besties, but they do need to get along for family gatherings and accept that they're stuck with each other. If Teresa and Melissa were able to reach that place, I'm all for it! 

Meanwhile Teresa has plenty of other issues to occupy the small space between hair and forehead known as her brain. Something about an indictment…? "Teresa is very nervous about Joe going to jail," our source shares. "They are not nervous about her going to jail. She does not think she is going to jail."

While Joe is facing the music, Teresa is dancing with denial. "Joe accepts the reality of him going and will deal with it. He takes it day by day and doesn't let it get to him. Teresa on the other hand is very upset about it." Naturally, as she should be!

Dina Manzo With New Boyfriend Kenny

Finally, Dina Manzo is separated from husband Tommy, though the couple has yet to officially file for divorce. However, Dina has moved on! "Dina may not be divorced but Kenny Arena and her are dating and they have been," our source dishes. "They are a couple."

Kenny has been featured on the now-dead HGTV show Dina's Party and is a radio host. You can spot photos of Dina (and her daughter Lexi) on Kenny's twitter and instagram

[Photo Credits: BravoTV & Instagram]



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