Shannon Beador With Husband David

Shannon Beador – your reality TV career has just began and already you're crying foul editing? Girl – you need to find a different line of work. 

After week three of Real Housewives of Orange County has shown Shannon bickering with and sniping at her husband David, she insists her marriage really is happy and loving but viewers aren't getting the full picture. 

"I am having a difficult time with the fact that you are only seeing a small snip of my life! I talked a little bit last week about the sarcastic banter that my husband and I have with each other, and you all were fortunate enough to be able to witness more of it this week! (That was sarcastic, by the way…)," Shannon complains in her Bravo blog


"David has a very dry sense of humor. He will say something sarcastic to me and I will respond in an irritated way –that's how we typically act, especially around our friends. They laugh when they hear it because they know us," Shannon insists. "The other Housewives, however, feel awkward and I am sorry for that. "

Shannon continues, "Both David and I are able to see how our banter may make people uncomfortable and it is something that we have been working on. It is important to both of us for people to see that we love each other!"

Despite recognizing that her relationship with her husband doesn't come across well to her new co-stars, Shannon is still unhappy that they were talking about her. And Shannon maintains she is supporting David, not denigrating him. Case in point: when she tried to explain his behavior to Vicki Gunvalson after she invited everyone to 'Fakesgiving'. 

"I want to explain myself about how I reacted to David. Some people don't understand his dry sense of humor and may get offended. I wanted to let Vicki know that most of David's comments are jokes so that she wouldn't think he was serious when he made a face about coming to her neighborhood," Shannon says. "But even so, I didn't sound like a kind and loving wife when I said it. I need to work on my delivery and tone. You see that dry sense of humor and my reaction again at Vicki's. Do you notice the uncomfortable pattern yet???"

"I am bit bothered that Vicki and Tamra [Barney] are commenting on the state of my marriage when they really don't even know me. The most ironic thing is that I was not mad at my husband at all after the party and he was not mad at me."

Hmmm… I hope Dr. Moon has something that can cure Shannon's editing-induced anxiety. Or there's always vodka! 

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