Slade Smiley And Tamra Barney Continue To Feud Over Who The Real Deadbeat Is

Tamra Barney & Slade Smiley Still Hate Each Other

You might assume that since Gretchen Rossi was fired from Real Housewives of Orange County all the feuding would end. But for that to happen we'd have to be dealing with mature and rational people, and alas – we are not! 

Despite promoting Marriage Bootcamp, it seems Gretchen and sycophant fiancé Slade Smiley can't let go of some of their RHOC dramas – and lucky for them neither can their former co-star Tamra Judge! Good ol' Tam-Tam… never one to take the highroad. 

Now that Tamra is having custody issues of her own with ex-husband Simon Barney, a fan lashed out on twitter calling Tamra's situation karma after how she treated Slade. Tamra didn't like that and reacted writing, “Oh plz. That f**ker is a deadbeat with a sick son. Keep supporting him, it makes you look Real good!” Tamra has since deleted the tweet, but Slade wasn't going to let that PR opportunity go to waste. 


Slade contacted Radar Online to give his opinion on what kind of person Tamra is and to claim, yet again, that he is most definitely not a deadbeat father. Ok then… 

“I don’t know what her problem is," Slade complained. Tamra just needs a little attention, Slade – just like you do! Slade continued, “I am disgusted she would make an accusation about me as a father.”

Slade insists that while he wasn't able to make full child support payments, he was doing what he could. “Tamra has no knowledge of what is going on in my life!” Slade continued. “She doesn’t know my son and she doesn’t know what I do for him.  When I was on Housewives I had them pay my son’s foundation directly. If, say, I got a $20,000 check for a reunion show, it would go straight to the foundation, not to me.” Why do we not believe him?

Slade claims Tamra was just trying to use his custody issues as a storyline. “All Tamra was trying to do was to get my ex on the show,” he insists. 

As for Tamra's own custody issues, Slade has an opinion, of course. “I have never seen Tamra with her kids. I am not surprised because I bet they are having the same experience that … I had. Tamra is more interested in fame than being a parent. I’ve been to plenty of events that were not filmed and she was never with her kids.”

He also claims it's not just Simon who is making accusations against Tamra!  "Simon is not the one claiming she is neglecting her children," Slade opines. "Doctors and therapists are submitting claims of child neglect. They’re the ones saying that she verbally abused her kids and they don’t want to stay with her. These are professional people saying this.”

As for Tamra's future, Slade will celebrate they day when Bravo gives her the ax. Probably never gonna happen given how willing she is to create drama, but hope springs eternal. 

Tamra WILL be fired in the future,” Slade seethes. “She is a trashy, lying, cheating adulterer that will be leaving.” The maturity of these people is so impressive. Bravo sure can pick those winners!

Adding RT Editor's note to Mary's article: I caught a few minutes of Slade's "radio show" (anyone can pay a monthly fee and broadcast their own show on the site he uses) and he was SCATHING in his comments about Tamra and made a lot of strong accusations about her business, her charity work (claiming that Gretchen does a TON) and more.  When it makes ME cringe, it's pretty bad.  I wish I could have paused it and transcribed it, but it's not possible on that site, sadly. So, he shouldn't act so shocked that Tamra has so much animosity toward him…

I also want to add that Gretchen recently claimed Slade's broadcast hit 4 million listeners.  They must not stick around and listen for long because it says that his show has only been listened to for a little over 4,000 hours in the past month. 


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