Tamra Barney Will Confront Heather Dubrow About Mechanical Bull; Gretchen Rossi Refused Part-Time Role On RHOC

Tamra Barney vs. Gretchen Rossi

Last week viewers witnessed Heather Dubrow's version of a hoedown as she had a lot warming party for her new massive abode. During the course of the party America's oldest sorority girl Tamra Barney flew off the mechanical bull after Heather instructed the operator to turn it up. 

After the Real Housewives of Orange County star injured her arm in the process, Heather denied having anything to do with the mechanical bull on steroids! In a statement to All Things Real Housewives Tamra confesses that she is disappointed in Heather's behavior, but the two are still friends. 

I had no idea Heather told the bull operator to ‘turn it up’ until I saw the footage," Tamra admitted. "I’m still absorbing this info and quite frankly I have mixed emotions.


And of course Tamra, promises that she will not be letting this one slide come reunion time! "Heather has text me to say she is sorry and she was just kidding. I guess we will deal with it at the reunion. She’s still my fancy pants.”

Moving on, Gretchen Rossi has officially departed RHOC for the delightfully tacky Marriage Bootcamp. Gretchen is adamant that she did not get fired from RHOC but quit after constantly dealing with negativity from her castmates. “We’re really happy to be away from the negativity and how toxic it was," Gretchen told TooFab. "It just was not that kind of forum for me anymore. I couldn’t be who I was in my everyday life on that show, so it made it very difficult. It became a big contradiction in my life.”

In fact Gretchen even denies tuning in to this season because she claims she has PTSD. "I don’t want to go back to watching it because it gets me all upset. It provokes these emotions of frustration.”

A source tells All The Real Housewives that while Bravo never wanted to bring Gretchen back full-time they had hoped she'd film an exit from the show she was part of for four seasons. "Bravo asked Gretchen to film an exit scene from RHOC with her former cast mates but Gretchen was hesitant to film with the women. She declined the opportunity to film the exit scene," the insider reveals. 

Apparently financials ultimately got in the way – see everyone has a price! “Gretchen was demanding more money than the network was willing to pay her for such a small role and both parties decided it was best to part ways," the source adds. 

As for where her future with reality TV lies, Gretchen claims she and Slade Smiley have been offered a show about planning her wedding. <cough cough> yeah right <cough cough>. "We have found a couple locations that we love but we are not disclosing a date yet," Gretchen hints. The suspense is killing me… #sarcasm

Tonight is a brand new episode of RHOC. Vicki heads to Oklahoma to help Briana househunt in anticipation for her move. Meanwhile back in Southern California, Heather and Shannon try to make amends and Tamra confronts Ryan about a dangerous habit!

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[Photo Credits: Bravo & Judy Eddy/WENN]