carole and luann are disgusted by sexcapades

On this week's episode of Real Housewives of New York the drama was all about supposed scandals and the gossips that spread them. At the center of some salacious stories was Carole Radziwill, whose ex-boyfriend Russ was accused of sleeping with Sonja Morgan while Carole and Russ were still dating!

Putting her intrepid reporter skills to good use, Carole did some digging and discovered that not only was the story untrue, it was fabricated for a storyline! Ouch!  When your own talent is calling you out on making things up, that's not very reality TV, is it reality TV maestros?

"The three kinds of people I dislike most are Gossips, Liars, and Hypocrites. Hmm. This episode doesn't bode well for some," Carole begins in her Bravo blog


Carole explains, "The thing about rumors is that everyone believes something about them, even if they are completely unfounded. There have been studies about this. As a rumor travels, it grows shorter and more concise and then it is much more easily told. After five or six retellings, regardless of how untruthful it might be, a rumor sounds completely plausible. (Remember the childhood game Telephone?)." 

"So. Did I believe Sonja was drunk in a bar one night in Los Angeles? Absolutely. Did I believe she and Russ, my ex-boyfriend, hooked up? Either while we were together or after? Nope," Carole continues.

"But Sonja sat in her hangover robe on that rooftop with her trademark 'dingbat' look and proclaimed that Russ did 'flirt with her' in St. Barth's. And that's all it takes to fuel a rumor. (It's hard to imagine she even remembers St. Barth's. She was drunk most of the time. In fact, just after meeting Russ, she did a striptease with a floor lamp, who was probably flirting with her, too. LOL.)"

Despite knowing the rumor was untrue, Carole still did a double-take after hearing it (although on the surface she did keep her cool!). "I'm not the kind of girl who fights over a man, especially an ex, but I am a girl," Carole acknowledges.

"So even though Russ and I had broken up nearly a year earlier, when I hear this rumor it's still. . .peculiar. So I did what any normal girl would do, with Kristen's mouth still agape, I called Sonja," Carole admits. Wow – I love it direct, succinct, and to the point. 

"I asked her what any normal girl would ask, what the f—? Because where I'm from, women have each other's backs. They don't perpetuate gossip about their friends. Sonja denied that it happened but didn't apologize for letting Satako repeat it while she giggled."

Carole also shares how she tracked down the source of the story – Satako – and confirmed first-hand that it was all a farce from the get-go. "I wanted to get to the bottom of this rumor so I paid a visit to the Satako. I booked the appointment under my maiden name hoping to get some info before she recognized me. Picture me with a scarf tied around my head and sunglasses. After this gig's up, I'll be a spy," Carole shares.

"Satako was open and charming and we had a nice chat about friendship and gossip," Carole recalls. "She told me Sonja already knew what she was going to say." Well, well, well… Why Mrs. Morgan!

Despite disproving the story, Carole is still disgusted that it was ever a story to begin with. "Russ says he never banged Sonja and I believe him but hey, things happen. If that rumor is even partly true it says nothing about me and everything about Sonja. None of it good. Sonja says people are always taking advantage of her except, well, when she is taking advantage of them," Carole retorts. 

Carole also burns Kristen Taekman for even being involved. "And Kristen, whether it's true or not, what's so funny about Sonja sleeping with my ex-boyfriend? What’s so titillating about implying LuAnn cheats on her boyfriend? I’m curious if I would find it just as funny if the rumors were about your husband? About Sonja’s infamous Ex?"

Finally, the viewers aren't the only ones disgusted with Aviva Drescher's father George – I always knew Carole was a sensible one. She suggests that Bravo quit featuring George and his perversions, because well it's not only degrading but disgusting! 

"No, Aviva is not disgusted by her father's behavior as she claims to be. If she were, she'd keep him off television," Carole quips. "She'd be horrified, he'd be in a closet. Instead she celebrates him. She thinks gross sex talk makes an interesting storyline. Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee, with a sex-addict crazy father!"

"The problem is he's so over the top, it's uncomfortable to watch. I love a good drama — whether a screaming match or a hair pulling — but I'm with the audience on this one: get George off the TV. It's sickening to hear an old man sexually degrade women in all kinds of vile ways."

Carole also believes Miss USA had nothing to do with George in any capacity. "Last season George swore on his daughter's good leg that he never had a boner for Sonja, that it 'never happened.' This season we hear differently; that he did but it was Sonja who backed into it. Now George swears on his daughter's good leg and her children, and his story once again turns out to be untrue. You all heard the young lady at lunch. She didn't go back to the house. She looks absolutely perplexed talking to Ramona. I believe her and I feel for her. She has no idea what damage has been done to her reputation by Aviva and her dad. Word on the street is that Miss USA didn't take the news smiling…..stay tuned."

Carole's final word: "Oh yeah, and George? Get off our TV." Now this blog is what I call "a read". 


[Photo Credit: BravoTV]