Heather Dubrow Talks Moving Forward With Tamra Barney; Says They Are Still Friends!

tamra and heather on good day la

Heather Dubrow is a better woman than I am, because if my so-called friend acted like such an ungrateful twat when I was trying to do her a favor, I'd be all like 'see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!' However, I don't live my life on Real Housewives of Orange County where faux friendships reign supreme! 

The last two weeks, everything Heather does bugs Tamra Barney. Now I've often called ol' Heather Prissy Pants out for her arrogance, but she's been nothing but a good friend to Tamra who accused Heather of trying to sabotage her business when she chose to initially feature a different gym while guest co-hosting Good Day LA. Then when Heather announced she'd be doing a segment with CUT Fitness, Tamra, the ingrate, complained that Heather was too little, too late and then claimed Heather was awkward and 'frosty' on set. Finally the two friends hashed it out and according to Heather are back on track. I dunno, Dubrow – sounds like a risky move to me! 

"I've gotten a lot of comments on social media about why I didn't cancel Tamra's segment on Good Day L.A. after the way she treated me at Shannon [Beador]'s holiday party. Well, first of all, I don't have ANY power regarding what guests the show books or unbooks," Heather writes in her Bravo blog.


"Last summer after I co-hosted, the news director said I could offer suggestions in the morning meetings, that's it. It's up to the producers, I'm just a temporary guest host. (Remember, this was the crux of our argument last week.) Secondly, even if I were the president of the network, I would never do that. Tamra is my friend. Period."

Heather continues, "Just because we have not been seeing eye-to-eye lately doesn't change the baseline of our friendship. I am so happy that Tamra and Eddie are getting this opportunity to show how amazing the classes are at CUT Fitness. I want them to be successful. That doesn't exonerate Tamra's behavior at the party, but this is the first time I've seen her or spoken to her since that night and this isn't the time or place to have that discussion."

As for her so-called frostiness during the actual segment, Heather cites a hectic schedule and last-minute instructions. "When I get to the studio it is go, go, go… I get briefed by the producers about how the day will go, then a quick makeup touch-up and on to the set," Heather explains. 

"I was worried about changing into workout clothes for CUT Fitness' segment. I had done that once before while co-hosting and it's a VERY quick change. However I was worried that if I DIDN'T change into gym clothes that it would appear rude, as if I thought the workout would be so easy I didn't have to change out of street clothes. I may have been overthinking this at the time, but when I saw the show and saw Tamra say, 'I hope she's going to change,' I feel like I did the right thing."

Heather claims things were so rushed, she didn't even have time to tie her shoe! "Here's the problem: one minute, thirty seconds is really not enough time. I am wearing a microphone pack and an IFB (which is another pack on my back and a plug in my ear to hear what the producers are telling me, i.e., 'Time is up!') so when I arrive for the segment I am a bit out of breath and laughing, but that's part of the fun of live TV. I had to tie my shoes and although you can't tell, on the actual broadcast they were showing "B" roll (footage of the gym) at that time, so you could hear our voices but not see our faces."

Heather does, however, call-out Tamra for being rude about her on-set demeanor. "I was disappointed that Tamra kept saying how rude I was at the studio. I was busy doing my job, and I thought I was energetic and fun during their segment. What else should I have done?"

Finally, Heather is relieved the two friends had a chat to iron out their differences. "I was SO tired of having these summit meetings with Tamra. We are friends, we are supposed to be laughing and having fun together not constantly picking on each other. I thought our conversation was just going around in circles until Tamra brought up the issue of me talking to Eddie about having a baby. I felt terrible," she admits.  

"I know I have discussed this in my blog already, but at the time I thought I was being helpful. It was a bad decision and I am truly sorry. I love Tamra and Eddie and I wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt them. Sometimes in life that's what happens. We hurt people we love. Not in a mean way, just because we are humans and flawed. I'm so glad Tamra accepted my apology. I now feel we can FINALLY move forward and be back to normal." I dunno, Heather – sounds like you got duped by Tam-Tam switching the subject to deflect blame from her own ill behavior. 

Finally, Heather reflects on her conversation with Vicki Gunvalson. "I was really glad to be able to sit down with Vicki and clear the air. It surprises me to hear that Vicki feels 'less than' around me because I admire her so much. She is such a bright, interesting, funny, passionate person. I love how she is unapologetically Vicki. I've always thought we are different people with different experiences but love each other and have mutual respect. That's why I couldn't understand the recent weirdness in our friendship. I'm so happy to be back on track with her!"

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