Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Take Two

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I am really in total shock after last night's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Benzino was shot? On the way to his mother's funeral? I was certainly not expecting that to happen. Oh wait. Of course, I knew that the horrible incident occurred, but I was admittedly surprised that it was covered on the show–as if Mona knew it was going to happen all along. I wonder how much all the re-shoots and additional scenes cost the network in production. Anyone care to make a wager? I did notice that Benzino's injured arm must be recovering well because in the slow motion scene where he's running to his car because he's carrying his luggage with it. That part had to have been filmed after the fact, right?  

Karlie Redd and Erica Dixon are catching up over manicures, and Erica reveals that she kicked O'Shea to the curb…literally. He just had to stand on the curb and whine since his car was out of gas. She was tired of being his piggy bank. The women gossip about all of Althea's conquests. Erica dishes that Ho-thea had a night with Stevie J., and Karlie is laughing because she was also with Mimi Faust's Nikko. There seems to be a lot of cross pollinating going on with this crew. Karlie can't wait to share the news with Joseline Hernandez. That's what friends are for! I think all of these ladies need to broaden their romantic horizons. Certainly Stevie, 'Zino, and Nikko aren't the only players in Atlanta!


Hoping to prove to Rasheeda that he's serious about making their marriage work, Kirk Frost is trying to make amends with his mother-in-law. Let's just say he needs to try harder. He basically blames Rasheeda's mom for him getting a paternity test for Karter. Kirk is willing to apologize as long as his mother-in-law is willing to admit that she shouldn't have run over his motorcycle. Not going to happen. She explains that hurting her daughter was much worse than ruining his bike. I'd have to agree. Rasheeda leaves the two alone, and her mom tells Kirk that she loves him like a son…and she thinks he needs to plan a public apology for Rasheeda in front of all of their family and friends. While Kirk thinks it's a terrible idea, he agrees to plan a party to get Rasheeda's mom off his back…but not before he crushes her Chanel sunglasses. Tit for tat. 

Karlie and Joseline are at the gym, and Joseline shares that she's found inappropriate pictures of booty hos on Stevie's phone. It's a respect thing. Sure, he shouldn't be cheating on her, but if he is, he should at least have the decency to hide it better. Joseline then tells Karlie about Benzino's mom. Karlie wonders if Althea rushed to Boston to be by Stevie, um, I mean 'Zino's side. When Joseline gives her friend the side-eye, Karlie takes great pleasure stirring the pot regarding Mimi's gossip about Stevie and Althea. 

After losing her son, Deb is rethinking her plans to host a giant wedding for son Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera. She now believes that is should be an intimate family affair. Tammy thinks that working and planning will help her take her mind off of the recent events, and she's glad that Deb has finally abandoned her ideas of a huge production. Benzino is still driving to Boston, I think. He's wearing the same thing he went fleeing from his home in on the last episode. As he waxes poetic about mourning his mother in private, the show is interrupted by news clips of the actual shooting coverage.

benzino hospital lhh atl

Althea rushes to Zino's side in the hospital. Call me crazy, but if this was filmed when he was actually in the hospital for real, I doubt his doctors would have allowed the camera crews into his room. So, poor Benzino has lost his mom, gotten shot, spent time in the hospital, and NOW HAS TO RELIVE IT? This is ridiculous. He then professes his love for Althea before Stevie bursts into the room. Zino tells Althea and Stevie that their relationship is in the past and no longer bothers him. He loves them both and can get over their tryst. Group hug! Funny, Stevie is wearing a different hat than he is in the selfie that he took with Benzino in the hospital back in March. 

benzino stevie j

Gee, that hospital room looks different from the one we saw last night!

Rasheeda is in the studio with Kalenna, and she truly feels like she's in a better place with Kirk and her music. Rasheeda tells Kalenna and Karlie about Kirk's beef with her mom. The women balk at the idea of Kirk's apology party, but Rasheeda thinks it's hilarious. Kalenna wouldn't miss it for the world. All of a sudden, Karlie gasps, having "just received a text with the news of Benzino's shooting." Sure she did. She's shocked. She needs to check Twitter. Rasheeda texts Kirk. Karlie is quickly calmed by news outlets reporting that Benzino wasn't in critical condition.

Mimi allows Nikko to stop by to get the scoop on his discussion with Ariane. He has a copy of the sex tape and he thinks Mimi needs to watch it. He's already seen it five times. It's his new favorite movie! Mimi is distraught because the world is now going to consider her a porn star, and she has a young daughter. Nikko will never understand how she feels. However, she does allow him to comfort her. Across town, Waka and Tammy are enjoying a date night, but Tammy is worried that Waka is having a hard time dealing with his brother's suicide. He has been thinking about their future, and he's ready to head to the courthouse and immediately get married. He doesn't need the gimmicks of a ceremony, he just wants his family.

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Apparently, this episode is determined to fit every last participant in the time slot! Kirk, Yung Joc, and Lil' Scrappy decide to have a boys night out so that Scrap can forget about all of his lady problems. Scrap is having a crazy time with the Bambi because Momma Dee is all about refereeing their relationship. Kirk urges Scrappy to keep his mom out of his love life. If he's not careful, he's going to end up hosting an apology party too! Joc and Scrappy hear the news of said party and soon Scrappy has forgotten all about his troubles. He's too busy making fun of Kirk's apology party. Kirk and Scrap decide that he has to make a grand gesture to win back the Bambi. Joc knows better…his friend doesn't miss Bambi, he just misses sex. Instead of an apology party, Scrappy decides to surprise Bambi with a puppy. He thinks the pooch will be exactly what Bambi needs to come hopping back on his diz-nigh-ee. She's over his mama drama and his bat shiz-nighee lady friends. Scrappy knows he has to b patient if he wants to get back in Bambi's heart…and then in her pants.

Before leaving Boston, Stevie stops in to see his friend and clear up any misconceptions 'Zino may have about what happened with Althea. He never smashed her. They just made out a little. Sure. And I've got a hot date with Ryan Gosling this weekend! Stevie wants to cut any gossip up at pass, and he stops in on Joseline's pole dancing class to make sure his wife knows that he never had sex with Althea. 'Zino was just hopped up on pain meds. Joseline won't listen to any of his nonsense. She's already done her research, and she knows where Stevie's peen has been. She's ready to beat some ass. I wonder if Stevie knows that Althea has already admitted to the dalliance? 


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