Chelsea Houska Taking Adam Lind To Court To Fight Visitation With Aubree!

Chelsea & Adam TM2 S5 Reunion

In light of Adam Lind's latest string of arrests, Chelsea Houska has had enough of his dangerous and irresponsible behavior! She is taking her ex to court in an attempt to strip him of his visitation rights for their four-year-old daughter Aubree

On the last season of Teen Mom 2, it was Adam who took Chelsea to court for visitation – winning every other weekend so long as he adhered to certain rules, such as no driving with Aubree and that the visitation would take place at his parent's house. An order he was observed violating on TV! 

Now Chelsea has decided to fight Adam's limited time with Aubree because she feels he's totally untrustworthy. On the reunion Adam even admitted that he refused to let Chelsea have his phone number as a contact while Aubree was with him! 


"I am documenting everything to make my case," Chelsea reveals. And her reason is that Adam is not adhering to the terms of their court agreement. "It’s a strict rule that he can’t drive with her,” Chelsea explains to Life & Style. “But Aubree will come home and say, ‘Daddy was driving with me.’ It makes me so mad. He doesn’t deserve visitation with our daughter if he keeps breaking the rules!”

I agree – with Adam's driving record, not to mention the fact that he doesn't even have a license, he has no reason to be putting Aubree in the car with him! That is unbelievably selfish – but then again, what about Adam isn't unbelievably selfish?

Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV on July 16th. 

[Photo Credit: MTV]