Kandi Burruss Apologizes About Caged Lions; Todd Tucker’s Mom Is MAD After Watching The Show

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Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker were in NYC last night, dishing on WWHL about their wedding finale and life since the big day. 

The happy newlyweds shared that they were thrilled with the way the wedding reception went.  They wanted it to be a big party and were happy at how much fun it was.

Kandi explained to Andy that the reason the wedding started so late is that they put down for guests to arrive at 5pm.  The wedding was on a Friday and the figured with traffic, etc, that they'd be able to get it going by 7pm but the dresses weren't finished, so that caused a delay as well.

Kandi shared that she got loads of hate Tweets and says she's sorry and she didn't mean to offend anyone with the caged lions at the wedding.  She said she simply didn't think about it at the time when she was planning the wedding.

Kandi shared that Mama Joyce does feel a little foolish now for scowling through the wedding photos.  She said Mama Joyce realizes now that she made herself look crazy in the pictures.  Todd says he thinks the energy was bad, but "overall most people just ignored it enjoyed themselves."

Todd commented on the fight between Mama Joyce and his mom, Sharon.  "On the one side it was like 'yes, get her mama!' and then other side…I didn't want to see anybody get a hip replacement." 

Todd explained his relationship with his daughter Kaela and shared that she just graduated high school and is going to live with them for a while this summer. 

Todd says of his relationship now with Mama Joyce "we're taking it day by day. We can be in the same room and are able to talk a little bit. It's been cool."   He did share that his mom is REALLY mad after seeing the show air.  Sharon is furious after seeing Mama Joyce call her a street walker, etc.  And Todd mentioned again that Kandi never told him that Mama Joyce said those things.  Todd admits it was tough to see Kandi withholding that part of the story when he watched the episodes.

Kandi says she would've been fine if Mama hadn't got up to do a toast.  She was just happy that Joyce made it through the whole wedding without causing a scene. Todd gave her credit for getting up there and being respectful.

Kandi shared that the reason Todd got her a new ring was because the shape of the stone on the first ring made it hard to find a wedding band to go with it, so he bought her a whole new ring.  She saved the first ring because she loves it and it's sentimental.

A caller asked Kandi which RHOA cast member gave her the best gift and she said it was NeNe Leakes!  She gave Kandi a full set of Hermes plates for the dining room.  Kandi confesses that she didn't do hand written thank you notes.  Andy shamed her for it. 

At the end Andy toasted Todd and gave him credit for being on the show, both RHOA and the spinoff, because he didn't want anything to do with being on reality TV, but he loved Kandi so much that he agreed to do it.



Photo Credit: Twitter