Sonja Morgan Denies Reports That She’s Broke; Explains Bankruptcy!

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Sonja Morgan wants everyone to know that the former Mrs. Morgan is still rolling in the dough, despite also rolling in the deep – deep debt that is!

She also accuses her Real Housewives of New York co-stars of “exploiting” her financial woes for a storyline and making things appear far graver than they are.

Are we sure about that? Because Sonja’s situation appears pretty grim based on reports – she owes $7 million dollars in a movie deal gone bust and her creditors accused her of hiding assets and stalling last year. And this year her St. Tropez home was sold by bankruptcy trustees after Sonja was dragging her feet in liquidating it herself. Still Sonja maintains that her finances are fine – just undergoing a bit of rearranging!

“Broke as a joke?! I am in a Chapter 11 reorganization, I am not in a Chapter 7 which is a liquidation,” Sonja insists. “To say I am broke while I am working and my daughter [Quincy, 13] is thriving under such immense pressure is unfair.”


“My co-stars this last season have added insult to injury by exploiting words such as ‘bankruptcy’ and ‘bank’ when there are no banks involved in my case,” Sonja maintains.

Sonja continues, “I own my properties free and clear.  I did always plan to sell my house in France if needed, as Heather [Thompson] and Ramona [Singer] both knew.” Ramona has been among the most vocal about Sonja’s financial issues, claiming that her home was about to be seized out from under her and sold to repay debts. Both Ramona and LuAnn de Lesseps have expressed concerns about Sonja’s scattered business plans, as well.

Despite what it appears, Sonja says she has nothing to hide! Nor is she hiding from the truth. “For Ramona to say I was bankrupt and losing my house was obviously her being distracted with her own worries since she knew I was in the process of selling France and I can always get financing on the New York home since I own it free and clear!”

Sonja also dismisses reports of a trustee intervening in the sale as nonsense, claiming she always had a buyer lined up. “I always had conversations with my neighbor personally about buying my property. What neighbor in the South of France doesn’t want another slice of paradise to grow their family dynasty?” she informed Radar Online. “I also had two other buyers I called personally. I did not need a broker to sell my home, nor did I need a trustee to sell my home to my neighbor or my friends.”

Finally, Sonja says that friends and viewers need not worry because she has a plan and is working to rebuild her financial stability. “I am living in my townhouse in Manhattan and paying the bills every month and supporting my daughter after my divorce with no divorce settlement,” Sonja adds. “That means I am personally working and supporting my properties in New York, France and elsewhere. If one doesn’t do that, you don’t get to reorganize and pay your debt.”

“I want to move on with my life, settle my business debt because I have so many personal opportunities and this stress has been weighing on me and my daughter. It’s too much.” Sonja says her daughter worries that reports in the media are true and she will be forced to move from her NYC home – something Sonja states is not an option.

“I’ve never lived in fear and I am going to continue to create a successful life,” Sonja concluded. “Everything I ever dreamed and set my mind to has come true.”

Well, well… lots of conflicting reports out there! But the horses mouth says things are fine, so naturally we should believe it right? Pity that will all her solvency Sonja can’t get hot water or working plumbing in the old albatross of a town home she insists on holding onto, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

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