Phaedra Parks And Apollo Nida Spotted Filming Together For Real Housewives Of Atlanta

phaedra parks with sons ayden and dylan

It’s no secret that the entire Real Housewives of Atlanta cast is not only back, but they’ve already started filming for the seventh season.

It’s also no secret that Phaedra Parks marriage to Apollo Nida is, shall we say, on the rocks! While Apollo was getting sentenced for federal financial fraud and looking forward to 8 years in prison plus repaying $1.9 million in restitution, Phaedra was on vacation with Kandi Burruss

Despite the fractures in the marriage, including that Phaedra and Apollo are practicing for prison living apart, the two were spotted filming a scene with their two sons Ayden and Dylan


Phaedra and Apollo were reportedly having a “custody visit” at Atlanta’s Chastain Park. Each came in separate cars, including the nanny who came with the the two boys in her own car. Then the two had a brief conversation. A Bravo camera crew was all over the park filming while this took place.

According to TamaraTattles’ spies, Bravo cameras are planning to follow Apollo throughout the season until he goes to prison. No word on how they will spin the state of the Parks-Nida marriage; whether Bravo will show them dealing with the issue as a couple and pretending to be together, or feature them breaking apart and pursuing separate lives. But one thing is certain – Bravo is not about to miss out on what is undoubtedly one of the biggest story lines of next season! 

HollywoodLife says that Phaedra has been planning ahead for a life without Apollo and doing all she can to include their sons until he goes to prison.

Phaedra scheduled a photoshoot with Apollo and his sons so they remember that he is always part of their lives. “She wants them to know he’s not absent and will never be absent from them and these photographs and video that I’m sure she will also take will make her boys understand just that — that Apollo never left,” shares a source. Phaedra is not planning to be part of the photo shoot. Phaedra has reportedly been keeping her distance from Apollo! It seems like she’s keeping things strictly focused on the kids. 

Phaedra saw this coming,” reveals a source. “She and Apollo have known for a long time now that he’d be sentenced. It’s not a surprise to her. The only thing she’s worried about is Ayden and Dylan growing up without their dad.” 

The source adds that although Phaedra was prepared, she’s having difficulty dealing with the entire situation. Phaedra “wants nothing but the best of the best for herself and children, and the fact her husband is about to go away for a long time, leaves a bad taste in her mouth,” the insider explained. “She’s embarrassed but knowing her, she’ll be all right.”

“It’s devastating to her that her two boys will miss their father during some of the most precious growing years of their lives,” the source adds. 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]